The historic House of Martell, that has 300 years of Cognac history, has announced the launch of Martell VS Single Distillery. This cognac is a richer style from a sole distillation source. Martell is one of the oldest of the great Cognac houses. Years of passion and precision have been passed down through the Martell family. From generation to generation, they celebrate in true French fashion: life.  

Maetell has a rich history honoring craft and taste, with their cognacs being cherished and consumed for over three centuries. The new single distillery comes together in perfect harmony, resulting in an even smoother cognac with enhanced fruit flavors.

A bit of history: The grape-growing region of Cognac is divided into six vineyard areas (aka crus) in the Charente region, which is close to the Atlantic Ocean. This white, sun-drenched area has a mild ocean climate that feeds into optimum grape growth. It is the richness and complexity of the vineyard areas that give the cognac its characteristic aromas. Martell cognacs are known for their smoothness, elegance, flowery notes, sweet fruit notes and soft spice aromas.

“When Jean Martell founded the house, he already had his mind set on the Borderies, which are the smallest and most sought-after of the crus of Cognac. The Ugni Blanc grapes that grow in the silica-clay soils of the Borderies give the eaux-de-vie distinctive floral aromas and an exceptional smoothness. It is this unique terroir that give the finest Martell cognacs their hallmark elegance and subtlety.”-

So, what is cognac? Well, cognac is an amber colored alcoholic drink, made in the wine growing regions of Charente and Charente-Maritime surrounding the town of Cognac, France. Each one is different due to the houses producing them, however the process is the same for producing the alcohol. Cognac is made from distilling white wine to create eau-de-vie, where it is then aged in oak barrels for a minimum of two years. The aged distilled wine then is blended with different eaux-de-vie to create a specific flavor.

The new Martell VS Single Distillery cognac is an interesting product that is quite young. The aromas you will find in your glass, upon first sniff are that of lemon and apricot. I really enjoy Martell Cognac and think that if you’re seeking something to sip, and want to embrace the world of cognac, then try this new one. Martell Single Distillery is smooth with enhanced fruit flavors that make for a refreshing summer cocktail.

I enjoy sipping my cognac neat, however I do recommend you keep an eye out for some cognac cocktails coming up this spring/summer! Please sip responsibly.