Makers Mark is a well known bourbon brand from Kentucky. Fans have asked Bill Samuels Jr. over the years, if he was going to introduce something new to the line. After some thought, Bill and former Master Distiller Kevin Smith decided to create Makers 46, with the consulting help of Brad Boswell. With some trial and error, #46 worked!

Maker’s 46 starts with Maker’s Mark, and sees extra time in a barrel that has 10 extra oak staves inside. This adds vanilla, caramel, and spice notes, while still remaining true to the Maker’s Mark taste people know and enjoy. Today it’s finished year round in the The Cellar, which is the latest addition to the distillery. I had the pleasure of tasting Maker’s Mark 46 with Pamela Wiznitzer, USBG National President NYC and Trunk Club’s David Shapiro, who demonstrated some creative ways to gift a bottle of Maker’s Mark 46 for Father’s Day.

While streaming live, Pam walked us through two types of Old Fashioned cocktails which highlighted the bourbon. Maker’s 46 is smooth, bold, and great on it’s own neat as well as in a cocktail. If you’re looking for a great gift for dad this Father’s Day, or any day of the year, Maker’s Mark 46 is a nice choice.

If you’re considering the idea of gifting dad a bottle of this fine bourbon June 18th, and want to get creative with your wrapping, David gave us some great tips for Father’s Day on how to stylishly wrap the bottle.

  1. Grab a map (yes, a paper map), grab a box, and place the bottle in the box. Wrap with the map. This makes a great gift for any father who enjoy’s traveling or road trips.
  2. Thinking about buying dad a bow tie too? Tie a bow tie around the neck of the bottle. It’s a simple and stylish way to give two great gifts as one!

Thinking about making an Old Fashioned with Maker’s Mark 46? Here’s a great recipe

Pam Wiznitzer’s Old Fashioned- Created by Pamela Wiznitzer, National President of United States Bartender’s Guild (USBG)

2 parts Maker’s 46

3 dashes bitters of choice (i.e., Angostura or 18.21)

Simple syrup of choice (i.e., cinnamon or tea-infused)

Citrus of choice (orange, lemon or grapefruit)

Instructions: In a rocks glass, muddle choice of syrup with choice of sliced citrus. Add ice, Maker’s 46 and bitters. Stir and enjoy!


Happy Father’s Day! Please pair responsibly!