Photo from: Caffebene

Photo via Caffebene

NYC is truly the city that never sleeps. Whether its work, play, or late night parties, when those midnight munchies call where do you go? Sure plenty of restaurants are open, but when you want a delicious quick bite and not some “leftover morning muffins”, then head to Caffebene. With locations all over Manhattan, and the USA you will be able to find one closest to you and enjoy some of their late night bites.



Photo via Caffebene

The wide array of Sandwiches, Gelato topped Waffles, and even Crispy Honey Bread, your mouth will be watering all the way to of of these tasty spots. Caffebene is the second largest coffee franchise in the world with options even ranging from a healthier alternative like a Portabella Sandwich and Salads.

Locations in New Jersey, NYC, Massachusetts, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Texas, and California. Now everyone can enjoy this quality driven quick service cafe morning, noon, and night. Be sure to check out a Caffebene location nearest to you and kick those Midnight Munching cravings goodbye with an indulgent or healthy option.