If you’re in Aruba and have a few hours in the afternoon or evening to spare, get yourself and anyone 21+ to go on a Jolly Pirates excursion with you! I travel to Aruba annually and have always wondered what the Jolly Pirates sail was like. I am so happy this year was the year I chose to do so. I met some wonderful people as well as staff on the ship and got to sip and sail while watching the sunset.

“Booze Cruising” is a fun way to enjoy being on the water without actually having to get in it. During the day I am always at the beach in the water, but I chose the sunset cruise, and was not getting in the water at night (I had dinner reservations after). If you do dare however, to dive into the beautiful Aruban ocean on the sunset cruise, you can easily jump off the ship (with a guide/staff member next to you) and take a ride on their incredibly fun rope swing!

Hey Spring breakers, Bachelorette Parties, and Bachelor Parties! This Jolly Pirates sip and sail happens three times a day, and includes an open bar for the entire time! It’s great for groups and the staff are all wonderful. Sip your way and sail up and down the beautiful beaches in Aruba. They have everything from whiskey to rum, to vodka, and even a fun house cocktail. You will not be disappointed because tickets are only $35.00; practically a steal for open bar if you ask me. This is honestly a great time, and I will absolutely do this trip again. If you’re of age and want to take part in a very fun, lively, and somewhat silly sip and sail… you have to take a ride with Jolly Pirates!

Always Sip & Sail Responsibly….