During my weekend full of wine while in Valladolid, Spain I had the opportunity to visit a new winery. Pago De La Oliva is a winery producing Tempranillo wines as well as Olive Oil. This winery is in Tudela De Duero, where the vineyards are up very high and they can see over all their land. They are also a family owned and operated winery, where everyone is so welcoming and kind. Their father is one of the top winemakers in Spain, and consults with other wineries, but they also wanted to do a project of their own.

Before we got to tasting, the rain was about to come so they took us up by truck to the highest point in their vineyards to look at the old vines and the incredible views. It was really something else being up so high, overlooking rows of growing vines and the beautiful rolling landscape. The soils are rocky and full of limestone, which is great for the vines and really adds that minerality character to the reds. I also think these soils add a nice acidity to the wines, helping them age better as well.

Once we were back, we were welcomed with a delicious spread of Manchego Cheese, Tortilla, Charcuterie, and Pork Grinds. I love Spain for this particular reason… they eat when they drink! Snacks are my favorite when enjoying wines, and in Spain it is customary to have food out while enjoying wine.

We tasted the 2017 Roble which was bright and fruit forward, full of ripe cherry, strawberry, and blackberry. It has nice black pepper on the palate followed by a long finish and smooth tannins, which makes it a great wine to sip as an aperitif but also works well as a food wine. I especially love this wine with tapas, and or anything grilled, which will bring out those nice mineral notes and ripe cherry flavors in the wine.

They also produce olive oil, which I devoured with the bread. The olive oil is smooth with just the right amount of pepper notes (they don’t put pepper in the oil). Spanish olive oil is perfect for dressings as well as dipping, and dipping breads is one of my favorite things to do while sipping wines.

The winery is beautiful and as they expand, they will add more wines to the portfolio. These wines will also hopefully be available soon in the USA, because they will do well in this market.