Can you believe it’s almost that time of year again? The season is upon us, as the weather gets cooler and the leaves change it’s a nice reminder the holiday season will be here soon! If you’re like me, fall is when my holiday season starts. I love everything about this season from the flavors, to the colors, as well as the attire, and have compiled a fun list of autumn must haves you totally need!

action muddler.PNGFor the cocktail and wine enthusiast: 

Giovanni Action Muddler- Great for the cocktail enthusiast! Make your best fall and winter cocktails with this muddler by crushing some fun seasonal flavors into your libations. “Simply push down with your hand on the muddler, inside your glass or cocktail shaker, to rotate the head. Do this motion a few times to add some depth and layers to your alcoholic beverages, juices, teas, etc. $19.50, available at


Rose Gold Champagne Flutes- These flutes are so much fun! I wanted these as a bride to be, but for those who want to simply add more fun to their wine drinking, these flutes are a must have. I love to have these out on my bar or glassware shelf because they are certainly a conversation piece and will wow your guests with their unique look. $24.99




Split Railz Premium Oak Aging Sticks Ever wanted to add oak to some of your favorite spirits? How about a Tequila you love, that you may want to add some complexity and texture to? Ever try some barrel age on a Gin? Well if you think this sounds fun, which it is, then you’ll want to try Split Railz! It uses a proprietary process that concentrates the natural aging compounds of American white oak. The results: to make a four-year-old bottle of whiskey or other spirit, taste smoother and more flavorful then some of the older oak aged ones.

Greenline Goods Champagne Flute Glasses A gorgeous set of four glasses come in shades of blue and green and are so great to give as a gift, or gift yourself! You absolutely need these glasses for both Sparkling Wines and cocktails, as they’re great for both. Thinking about wedding gifts for the newlyweds? This is a perfect gift to get the bride and groom, so they can decorate their home and have unique glassware to go along. $29.98

For the food lover, who knows high quality: 

Monte Nevado USA 24 Months Aged Serrano Ham–  Monte Nevado offers amazing quality Serrano ham straight from Spain. Not only is this an amazing piece to have in your home, the set comes with a Wooden Stand, 24 Months Aged Serrano Ham, plus a steel, and a knife to cut it. The pigs are of the highest quality, Duroc Crossing. I have one in my NYC apartment, and you can see how to cut it on my Instagram Reels, as well as some fun booze and cheese pairings too! Monte Nevado also offers great how-to videos so you can make sure you’re cutting and storing your Jamón properly. $249-399

“Whether it’s a birthday, a simple thinking of you gift, a holiday gift, or something you want for yourself… these are my top picks for fall!” -Sara Lehman

Sugar Plum Chocolates Apple Bark– Mother and son duo Frann and Neil Edley followed their passion and Imagecreate amazing confections! The Apple Bark is one of the best fall treats I have eaten thus far in many years, upon first bite you taste the delicious high quality milk chocolate, then a hint of salt, followed by delicious sweet apple. It’s the perfect combination of fruity, sweet, and salty! This is ideal for fall gifting, and also to add to a perfect fall charcuterie board! You get a really nice amount of bark for the price too, which I love because you will need seconds and thirds. Available on GoldBelly $55+ shipping.

Sugar Plum Maple Bourbon PecansImageCrunchy and tasty, these are also great for a cheese board but also on top of a baked cheese too! Maple flavor and Kentucky Bourbon make these so fun and a great addition for this brisk weather. These pecans are perfect for snacking, and are hand made, delicious, and provide all the fall feels. $24.99


Enroot Cold Brew TeasThese 25 calorie, big flavor beverages are great for anyone who loves high end crafted sparkling teas! Crafted with James Beard Foundation Chef’s, this farm to bottle experience is smooth and delicious made with high quality ingredients. Flavors like Raspberry Mint, Strawberry Lavender, and Mango Turmeric Ginger are great on their own, but made into cocktails they’re awesome as well! $29.99/6 pack


For the book lover:

The Art Of Picnics: Seasonal Outdoor Entertaining Alanna O’Neil is a food stylist and photographer who has worked with many great brands. This book is a great step out of our busy lives, and encourages you that your health and well-being can simply be achievable by enjoying a seasonal picnic Imageoutdoors! I absolutely agree, there’s nothing I love more than in the cooler fall weather, then to sit outside with an autumn inspired cheese and charcuterie board. You’ll enjoy outdoor recipes for seasonal entertaining as well as amazing photos to inspire your future picnic. I absolutely would love to try a winter one, with some hot toddy’s, mulled wine, and warm baked cheese; this just may be something I do this season! $24.94

These are just some fun seasonal staples that I think would be ideal for you to have as well as for you to gift to some of your favorite people in your life.

Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love. Please pair responsibly!