img_7506Day two in the Hudson Valley, and I was craving some more spirits! I decided to visit Hudson Valley Distillery because they make some pretty interesting spirits and have a great background history to the formation of their distillery.

“Thomas Yozzo and Chris Moyer met in 1990 as fraternity brothers at Bloomsburg University. Over the years the two, their wives Jennifer and Jennifer, and their families often visited and vacationed together. Over a campfire (with the help of some craft distilled spirits) someone asked why they couldn’t start their own distillery and they never looked back.  In 2013 the two families purchased a small farm and apple orchard in Clermont, NY and named it Spirits Grove Farm.” 

img_7508The vision of the brand is to produce unique and well crafted spirits for everyone to enjoy at approachable prices. They make quality over quantity and really put their heart and soul into this distillery. They renovated the barn and the distillery opened it’s doors April 2014.

I was impressed by their spirits, especially the Vodka, which is smooth and has a beautiful texture. I like the personality of the vodka, and you can truly taste what you’re drinking. Hudson Valley Distillers also produces an Applejack, and “Fine Shine”, all made from local apples. I loved the applejack as well as the “fine shine”, which mix incredibly well into cocktails!

img_7520The distillery also produces a gin made from New York grapes, as well as two whiskeys. One whiskey is made from a locally produced beer and the other from local rye.  In the Cocktail Grove (restored barn and kennel on property), Jennifer (wife and mixologist) showcases the versatility of their spirits with fine cocktails and local light fare.

More than just a distillery, the families invite you to a space where you can relax on the patio or lawn, enjoy a cocktail and a tasting, and learn about the spirits production process. Not only can you bring a picnic, the kids (no, they can not sip the spirits), and the family dog, but you can also attend some 21+ events too!

Some upcoming events at Hudson Valley Distillers include:

Cigars in September: Sept 30th- an opportunity to learn about (and purchase) cigars for men AND small unique cigars for Women as well… IronHorse Cigar Depot will be there to share these cigars and teach you how to pair them with spirits and a specialty cocktail.  No fee to attend: 5:00-8:00pm. 

Apple Pressing Party: Oct 22 and 23rd- Guests will have the opportunity to press apples, and enjoy specialty fresh cider cocktails (for 21+ visitors), and if you bring the kids, there are pumpkins for them to paint!

Small Business Saturday: November Saturday 26th- Guests can enjoy a complimentary sample cocktail while deciding on bottles for themselves and friends for the upcoming holiday season

Winter Holiday Market: December 2nd Enjoy a Hot Toddy while visiting and shopping with a few guest vendors at the Distillery

I recommend taking a weekend to explore the Hudson Valley and when you do, don’t miss out on the chance to visit this wonderful little distillery! It’s truly one of a kind and a great NY business.