Hoboken, NJ has always been an amazing area just outside of New York City, offering easy accessibility via the Path Train, bus, or car. It’s an ideal destination to visit year-round, boasting fabulous luxury residential buildings, hotels, shopping, and walkable streets. One can delight in culinary treasures like Halifax, Hoboken!

I recently had the privilege of visiting this beautifully crafted restaurant, where culinary art and delightful offerings took center stage. Chef Seadon Shouse, a culinary powerhouse, specializes in Northeastern Farm and Coastal cuisine, with a keen focus on sustainable ingredients and freshness. Most of the products are crafted in-house, while the rest are sourced from local farms, seasonal artisans, and fishermen.

Chef Shouse’s journey, originating in a small fishing village in rural Nova Scotia, shaped his deep love for seafood as he harvested wild mussels and fished for mackerel in front of his home. His upbringing, with his parents growing their own food and his early foraging experiences, forms the bedrock of his professional philosophy centered on sustainability and in-house production. At Halifax, Chef Shouse skillfully smokes meats and seafood, dry-ages steaks, crafts authentic vermouth, and even produces sea salt from water straight out of Montauk (source: Halifaxhoboken.com).

Beyond the delectable menu, creative cocktails, and an impressive wine selection, Chef Shouse has authored a cookbook that shares his background and some incredible recipes. This cookbook makes for an ideal holiday gift for any food enthusiast in your life!

Our evening commenced with the Black Sea Bass Tartar, featuring cucumber, citrus, fresno pepper, seaweed, sesame, shallots, and an espelette cracker. This dish is a must-try for tartar aficionados, offering fresh bursts of flavor alongside the incredibly fresh fish. The House Made Bread, served with fresh salt and sea salt butter, left us in awe. Additionally, the Baked Clams were a warm, delightfully fresh, and savory treat, perfectly complementing the Spritz and Espresso Martini from the cocktail menu. For a refreshing and locally sourced vegetable dish, we relished the Local Jersey Tomatoes with Fresh Cheese—a savory delight.

After a delightful array of starters, my taste buds demanded the Saffron Rigatoni with local lobster, coral butter, lemon, and trumpet mushrooms. This dish stood out as one of the best pasta creations I’ve savored in a long time, and I’m certain I’ll be craving it until my next visit this fall. Chef also offers seasonal specials, including Bone In Short Rib, Apple Pie, and Squash Agnolotti, which I can’t wait to sample.

Accompanying the pasta, we indulged in the Pan Seared Salmon, accompanied by wild rice, fall vegetables, lemon caper emulsion, and fennel. It was a gastronomic masterpiece, bursting with textures, flavors, and enticing spices. The side dishes at Halifax are renowned for their delectable offerings, so we couldn’t resist ordering the Crispy Roasted Broccoli—a must-try for broccoli enthusiasts.

For dessert, we savored the Gelato Trio, a delightful treat that featured gelato molded into truffle-like shapes with cake underneath, adding a pleasing texture and balance to our meal. To accompany this course, I selected the Cadillac, France dessert wine from their impressive after-dinner wine selection. Such unique wine choices are rare to find on menus these days, making Halifax all the more exceptional.

My experience at Halifax in Hoboken left me thoroughly impressed. The attentive and exceptional team, coupled with the restaurant’s alluring ambiance—marked by seductive lighting and stunning city views—made it a truly unforgettable dining experience. I wholeheartedly recommend visiting Halifax this fall and winter season; you won’t be disappointed! Make it a priority to experience this culinary gem as soon as possible.