IMG_3523The Sand Bar is the number 1 hot hookah spot outside the USA in this Somm’s top picks. SandBar, located on the most popular strip in yes.. you guessed it Oranjestad, Aruba is the place to be for $25.00 hookah that lasts 2 hours! Two hours people, and believe me I am a hookah lover, so this is certainly a long lasting one. The gorgeous Aruban men keep your coals hot and going all night long while you enjoy the beautiful breeze and sip some cocktails.

Here you can enjoy cranberry vodkas and Aruba beers for around $5.00 which is a steal considering they like their drinks strong.

Why is this place called the SandBar? Because while you are sipping and smoking, you can dip your toes and dance in the sand!

IMG_3496To me this is my weekly workout when I party here because the music is playing, everyone is salsa dancing, and you are in a lot of sand so your legs after about 20 minutes surely feel the workout. The fun part is however, the fact that you get to kick off those heels and squish your toes in the sand! IMG_3495

The hookah flavors vary and its always fun to mix when at the SandBar. Because this was my second year back, the bartenders actually recognized us (not sure if thats a good or bad thing… so I’m taking it as good). We danced the night away on the large stage, sipped refreshing cocktails, and even got some walk around shots; which is basically the bartender coming around with a bottle of spirits and pouring directly into your mouth!

If you want an amazing night at one of Aruba’s hottest spots, then head to SandBar! Looking for a place to stay? The Brickle Bay is directly behind SandBar and right on the very popular strip!