This time of year is great for gifting spirits to those who enjoy sipping something a little “harder” than wine. Many times when you’re buying for a boss, family member (who’s over 21), co-worker, and friends, it’s nice to give the gift of a great spirit during the holidays that way not only does it last for a while (in some cases), but it gives them an experience to share with you and others; and most bottles fit in average size stockings too!

Brown Spirits

Glencadam 12 Year: This Single Malt Whisky was made using a very special collection of casks. The final selection is comprised of whisky matured in first-class American white-oak bourbon barrels, with whisky “finished” in fine Spanish Oloroso Sherry butts. $45. 

Glencadam 21 Year: This is a fine example of the Glencadam brand and expresses craftsmanship, floral aromas, citrus, and underlying peppery tones. The lingering finish will have you enjoying this bottle until every last drop! $145.

Trails End Kentucky Bourbon: What a fantastic bourbon! Upon the first sip you’ll be in love with it’s smooth, tobacco driven, delectable taste. This ultra premium Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is finished in Oregon Oak with notes of honeysuckle, chocolate, and hazelnut. A long warm finish, makes this bourbon a perfect winter sip. $48.99

Crown Royal Vanilla Whisky: Crown Royal fans you have a new flavor to look forward to! The Vanilla is smooth and seductive with caramel and spice notes on top of delicious vanilla flavors. This whisky is great in cocktails like a Vanilla Old Fashioned or Manhattan, however when blended into maple syrup, it’s delicious over waffles for a fun boozy brunch. If you’re into sipping it on it’s own, it’s very comforting on the cold winter nights too. $26.99+

Larressingle Armagnac: In Larressingle, two centuries of tradition yield the single best-selling Armagnac in the United States. Larressingle VSOP Armagnac is produced from a cross-vintage blend of Armagnacs of eight years of age, and exclusively from wines from the Bas Armagnac and Ténarèze districts. This Armagnac is supple and fruit forward, with a rich, smoky nose thats reminiscent of prunes. On the palate it’s smooth and has a lingering, mellow finish. $52.99

Hillrock Estate Distillery Double Cask Rye: A Hudson Valley made rye whiskey thats smooth, spice driven, and uniquely crafted. Hillrock Estate is a luxury brand of whiskey that’s well known, beautiful, and makes a perfect gift for a whiskey lover. The Double Cask Rye is smooth and caramel driven with a lovely spiced nose and a long, lingering after taste. $84.99

Brenne Single Malt WhiskyAllison Patel, a former Ballerina turned Whisky maker created Brenne due to it’s uniqueness and non-market availability. Brenne is perfect for those who are new to whisky, or are seeking something a bit different due to it’s fruit forward nose, and caramel flavors. The women who attended my Women’s Sip and Smoke event at the Davidoff Downtown location, enjoyed Brenne paired with a Grand Cru Robusto, which makes a great gift for a stocking stuffer or under the tree! $57.99+

Collingwood Canadian Whiskey:  Uniquely crafted, toasted maplewood finished whisky from Canada. Made at Canada’s longest owned and operated distillery, this pronounced whisky has a subtle maplewood sweetness thats really lovely. For whisky lovers that need a new addition to their bar… this makes a great holiday gift (but won’t fit in a traditional stocking)! $34.00

The Irishman Whisky: The Founder’s Reserve is a unique take on the old Irish Pot Still Whiskey and is the original and signature blend created by founder Bernard Walsh. It’s a blend of Single Malt and Pot Still, and this is unusual in itself, as it is the only Irish blended whiskey to contain 100% whiskey distillates from the copper pot still and 0% Grain or Column still whiskey. This results in a much more flavorful whiskey… one perfect for sipping neat or on the rocks! $37.00

Camus Cognac XO Elegance: This cognac required years of work using all six of the Cognac crus (Borderies, Petite Champagne, Bons Bois, Grande Champagne, Fins Bois, Bois à Terroirs), resulting in rounder flavor and better aromatic strength. Bright amber in color with notes of honey, almond, and candied fruit notes. Only a subtle hint of oak, which brings out attractive vanilla flavors and a lingering finish. A beautiful bottle, makes this cognac unique and perfect as a gift this holiday season. $164.


Alacrán Tequila, Extra Añejo: This limited production: Alacran XA is an ultra premium extra añejo tequila that’s different than the rest. The taste is distinct and stands out. The clear glass bottle shows off the beautiful amber color with gold hues. Alacran XA uses 100% Weber Blue agave from 7-10 years old harvested in the highlands of Los Altos in Jalisco. It is matured for 40 months in American Oak barrels from bourbon, and has fruit forward, oak aromas, and a nice finish that is dry, smooth, and full bodied. ~$60.00

Soltado Tequila: A 28 month añejo tequila infused with locally grown serrano peppers and cinnamon. It is smooth and one of the only añejo infusions on the market. This unique tequila is a great gift for the holiday season and will definitely warm up your winter! $41.75


Peony Vodka: A beautiful, smooth, and wonderful vodka for the holiday season. Peony was created to celebrate the pastoral tranquility and pleasures of the carefree country lifestyle. Take time to smell the flowers and enjoy Peony Vodka. They believe your should relax and embrace the simpler times, wherever you are. For the man or women who loves flowers, garden’s, or enjoys a simple vodka made from 9 ingredients… Peony Vodka makes a great stocking stuffer! $29.99

Van Gogh Vodka: For the winter season, I highly recommend the Espresso, Raspberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Dutch Caramel. With these five flavors alone, you can keep yourself warm all winter with tons of boozy drinks and brunch options such as: Boozy Vanilla Vodka Maple Syrup, Boozy Hot Cocoa, Chocolate Vodka Frozen Hot Cocoa, Vanilla Vodka White Chocolate Cookies, Boozy Cake Balls, Espresso Raspberry Vodka Martini, and so much more! $24.99-31.99

Tommyrotter Distillery Vodka: Made in the Hudson Valley, NY as a small batch vodka that has won two silvers in 2016. Distilled batch by batch from American grain, and charcoal-filtered and bottled by hand, this vodka is one that would make a great stocking stuffer or present for an out of town family member. $30.00

Danzka VodkaA vodka from Denmark thats smooth and beautiful when mixed into cocktails. This vodka is designed in a bottle thats great when chilled, and perfect to take along on a trip to the beach, bbq, and anywhere you can drink responsibly outside with friends. The sleek design and range of flavors make this a great holiday gift. $18.00


Captain Morgan Cannon Blast: This spiced rum is perfect for a rum punch at the Christmas party or for those who like to have some unique bottles on their bar, that they will actually enjoy drinking too. ~$20.00

Appleton Estate Rum: Crafted in the heart of Jamaica, these rums are carefully crafted and beautifully smooth. These make great cocktail additions as well as sipping rums! $23.00-42.00+

Jumbie Rum: Caribbean rum thats fun, flavorful, and the perfect addition to frozen drinks and batched cocktails. The coconut and pineapple are sweet and delicious, and perfect for those who enjoy summer all year round. $13-15.00

Ron Diplomatico Rum: A great sipping rum, as well as cocktail rum that will wow your palate with it’s undeniable sweetness, smooth caramel flavors, and pair-ability with many foods and desserts. $34.99+


Boodles Gin: A proper Brittish Gin thats light and elegant. This is the perfect cocktail gin because it’s not overpowering and pairs well with citrus, tropical fruit, and herbal flavors. $26.00 

Tommyrotter Gin: An American gin made in NY! This gin is pot-distilled in small batches to articulate a deliberate blend of infused herbs, fruits, roots and flowers. This gift makes a great set with the Vodka and some glassware… perfect for a larger under the tree boozy gift basket! $35.00


Belle de Brillet: This liqueur sort of fits in the brown category not only because of the color, but due to the fact that it’s 30% abv and also is made with Brillet Cognac. The bottle itself is absolutely gorgeous and is one you will want to save once finished.  I enjoy this pear liqueur in an apple cider sangria or poured over French vanilla ice cream! $49.99

The Irishman Superior Cream Liqueur: A delicious classic cream liqueur with a pop of Irish Whisky and some stewed coffee notes. This one is a fun gift for your Bailey’s fans that deserve something different this year. Break this bottle out at a party, and make some delicious Irish Cream Latte’s, Irishman Cream Chocolate Truffles, or pour it over some chocolate or vanilla ice cream! $18-20.00

Other Spirits & Sets

Lucid Absinthe: Absinthe isn’t only for medicinal purposes anymore. Lucid Absinthe is a bold spirit that makes a great gift for those that enjoy something unique, carefully crafted, and is the first genuine absinthe made with real Grande Wormwood to be legally available in the United States in over 95 years. $32.99 

J. Rieger & Co Gift Set: Just in time for the holiday season, J. Rieger & Co. is releasing a specialty gift pack. Encased in a custom-designed three-bottle set, each pack includes a 750-ml bottle of J. Rieger & Co. Kansas City Whiskey, Midwestern Dry Gin, and Midwestern Premium Vodka. The perfect gift for the cocktail and spirits lover, the packaging celebrates the history of J. Rieger & Co. in Kansas City. $85.

Happy Holidays! Please Pair and Drink Responsibly!