IMG_6945Not only is Bucks County home to some beautiful vineyards and wineries, but there are also craft spirits distilleries too! Hewn Spirits recently opened up a retail location in Peddler’s Village where you can taste an array of Whiskey, Rum, Moonshine, Vodka, and Bourbon.

“After 25 years of restoring and converting early American barns into unique custom homes, and an 8-year spiritual odyssey into the restoration of an 80-year-old Alaskan wooden fishing boat, I had become deeply passionate about historic things old and wooden. Objects deliberately and delicately crafted by hand from wood to serve basic and simple utilitarian functions, like harvesting and storing grains from the fields, or transporting the sea’s bounty to market… hand-hewn things.

American White Oak has long held the title as the king of barrel wood in this country, but what would happen if other unique woods were used for secondary aging on spirits? The Ancients chose the term “spirits,” because they knew that the essence of a thing — its “spirit” — was called out when they distilled a grain, fruit or type of sugar.” –  Sean Tracy- “Spirited” Founder and Head Distiller

IMG_7198I met Dana, the Manager of Hewn’s tasting room in Peddler’s Village. It was 10am, and we started with vodka… it was then I knew we were going to be great friends! After some vodka, which was incredibly smooth, we went onto the New Moon Moonshine. This moonshine is legal, don’t worry: it’s produced from plain, old-fashioned, locally grown corn shapes and distilled in a copper pot still. The New Moon is ready for anything and you can enjoy this straight, on the rocks, or as an added kick to your next creative cocktail. After the clear spirits came the brown, starting with the Shipmate Rum. Inspired by the sea, because rum has always been about folks who love the water, Shipmate is perfect straight up, on the rocks, or mixed in a cocktail. This rum is Artisan-crafted in small batches, in a handmade copper pot still. The full line of rum uses only the finest Grade A sugarcane molasses and hand-picked spices.

IMG_7199At the Hewn bar, you will find a list of creative cocktails made by Dana, two of which were perfect for an 11am cocktail session. I started with the Cold Brew Cocktail made with Shipmate Rum. This cold brew cocktail is the perfect brunch cocktail or night cap, when you need something to keep you awake and also feeling good at the same time. Hewn has a bunch of fun events going on involving their line of spirits and activities. Yoga and cocktails is one class that sells out, due to it’s relaxing nature and Kombucha Cocktail treat afterwards. I had the Raspberry Lavendar Kombucha Cocktail made with the Vodka and it was out of this world, refreshing! I can totally imagine needing this after a hot yoga session with the girls, and what a fun way to reward yourself after an intense workout, right?

The bourbon and rye whiskey’s are very popular here at Hewn. The Dark Hollow Bourbon Whiskey was sold out, however I did get to taste a sample of what they had left and it is a smooth yet complex variation to this traditional American spirit. The Red Barn Rye, which is a spicy and evocative rye whiskey. “It’s a simpler spirit reminiscent of a simpler time”- Hewn Spirits

village-new-no-snowAt Hewn, all the grains are grown less than 10 miles from where they mash and distill them. Before they are received, the grains are milled in a working 1800s Bucks County grist mill by a friend of the distillery since 1972, who is operating his grandfather’s timber-framed water-powered grist mill to make stone ground flour, grits and polenta. When Hewn is done with the spent grains, the company donates them to local farms where cattle, pigs and chickens happily devour them. Frequently, beef and pork from those local animals are then used in local food trucks and caterers who sell their tasty dishes back at the distillery. What’s amazing is that this is a great way to utilize local and organic ingredients, help farmers, and feed animals… all in the spirit, of making spirits!

“We believe that in order to build a vibrant and responsible business, we need to contribute to the greater good and give back to those who ultimately form our extended family. As such, we will strive to give a portion of our proceeds back to local and appropriately focused non-profit organizations who work to make a positive contribution to our world.” Sean Tracy. 

While on your Bucks County visit, be sure to stop by Peddler’s Village and visit the Hewn Spirits tasting room for some great cocktails, spirits tastings, local grub, and a cold brew cocktail. Please pair responsibly.