Great Gin depends upon the taster right? With so many gin’s out there, and a lot of them very good, it’s hard to determine which one to buy. Staring along the walls of spirits in any beverage store can leave even an avid drinker feeling slightly perplexed. The varieties, the flavors, too much juniper, too much “green”, too much something, can give you the feeling of just grabbing your usual go to. Stop that fearful and thirsty habit and keep reading!

download (9)     G’Vine Gin is a unique gin from France that is crafted by Sebastien Robicquet. By combining ancestral grape distillation techniques and infusion practices with the rare grape vine flower, G’Vine is the new generation of artisanal French Gin. Ugni Blanc grapes combined with the vine flower create this exclusive spirit, which is making its way into the hearts of gin lovers and mixologists everywhere.

Renowned mixologist Tad Carducci of The Tippling Bros has come up with a fantastic cocktail recipe, which you too can easily make at home! I had the pleasure of getting the inside scoop about Tad and his career, as well as his thoughts on G’Vine Gin.

Sara: What is it about Mixology that drew you into the career? 

Tad: It’s a bit like being a painter, except that the mixologist’s palate is loaded with flavors instead of colors and his or her palate stands in for the brush.  It’s an expressive and rewarding profession.


Mail AttachmentSara: How would you describe G’Vine? When mixed into cocktails, it is powerful, or does it easily mix well with other spirits, juices, and infusions?

Tad: G’Vine is a gorgeous and totally unique gin.  The light, floral notes, and deep, spicy tones, make it perfect to mix into exotic styles of cocktails as well as creative riffs on the G &T.


Sara: In your recipe for Bark & Brunch, what is June Liqueur?

Tad: Esprit de June is a liqueur that is infused with the vine flowers of the Ugni Blanc, Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.

Sara: What is it that you like about G’Vine compared to other Gin’s in the market? 

Tad: I’m a fan of big flavor; in my food, in my wine, and certainly in my cocktails.  G’Vine brings an intensity of flavor, while still maintaining a soft, somewhat delicate edge.  It does not overwhelm alcohol, yet it stands up to other assertive ingredients.


G’Vine is infused with nine other botanicals and is bright, floral, and perfect for sipping the rest of the summer. Don’t knock this one out other seasons however, because this gin can be enjoyed year round.