Graeter’s Ice Cream is the best ice cream for summer! If you’re seeking something delicious to cool you off in the hot weather, look for Graeter’s ice cream at your local grocery store. This ice cream has been handcrafted since 1870 using fine ingredients to make one batch at a time, and the container is hand packed. I absolutely love that they use giant chocolate chips in their ice creams because nothing is better than diving your spoon into a delicious pint of Graeter’s Ice Cream and pulling out a big chocolate chunk to enjoy!

I found my Graeter’s pints at Wegman’s while visiting NJ this season. I was so happy they had it because Wegman’s is my absolute favorite grocery store. I decided to try the Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip and “The Original” Salted Caramel. The flavors are both delicious and out of this world, yum! You’ll fall in love with every bite. These flavors are available year round, but you will also find some seasonal fun flavors if you choose to enjoy Graeter’s all year long (highly recommended).

If you’re looking to step up your summer ice cream game, then pick up some pints of Graeter’s ice cream for your next party or bbq. A fun way to present them too is to get some great glassware (I chose margarita glasses) and serve the ice creams in them! You can even top them with a boozy sauce, or pair the flavors with your favorite summer sangria or cocktail.

Stay cool, eat Graeter’s ice cream, and enjoy summer!