Frosae Wine Sorbae is one of a kind frozen wine with some simple and delicious additions and blends. Ben Amato, President of Frosae cleverly thought of this idea and after a few taste tests, some recipe development, and product design, frosae can now be yours.

The Chocolate Merlot has become my favorite throughout this chilly weather. The spring is when the Elegant White and Royal Red will become freezer staples (along with more Chocolate Merlot). For those of you wanting a little dessert porn, here it is using the… you guessed it, chocolate merlot frosae!

Salty & Sweet Chocolate Merlot & Prosciutto ” Wonton Taco” – By Sara Lehman

IMG_93021 Wonton Wrapper

1-2 Slices Prosciutto

1 large scoop Frosae Chocolate Merlot

4 Amaretti Cookies (small)

4-5 Blackberries


1. Place a small amount of canola oil into bottom of pan

2. Wait until oil is hot enough (flick a small amount of water into it) and then place wonton wrapper flat into pan

3. Let it fry up just enough to be crispy but ply-able in the center so you can bend it like a taco.

4. Take out of oil and let cool. Use leftover oil and crisp up some prosciutto. I cut mine into little pieces to make it easier to eat.

5. Assemble: 1. Place frosae in between two amaretti cookies. Mash some blackberries with honey and place beneath amaretti cookie sandwiches. 2. Place crispy wonton on plate, top with scoop of ice cream and prosciutto.

6. Enjoy with a Brachetto or Moscato!