Some of South Africa’s most popular foods have started to become more prevalent here in Australia. And while the less said about their rugby team the better, the South African foods are popular for a reason. They are tasty and quite different from anything else available.

Beef biltong has quite a strong following across the world thanks to its savoury flavour and high protein content. Of course that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to South African cuisine. Here are five flavours from the country worth trying.

1.) Boerewors

This form of sausage is grilled on a barbeque, or a braai as it is known as in South Africa, and is cooked in a unique spiral shape. The coiled appearance can be a bit disorienting for those accustomed to traditional sausages, but there is no confusing the delicious taste of boerewors. It is made from minced beef and cooked using a blend of spices that help create its one of a kind flavour.

2.) Bobotie

This dish was actually imported into South Africa centuries ago by the Asian community but now enjoys being one of the country’s most popular flavours. Bobotie looks a little like lasagne from the outside because of its baked egg topping and minced meat filling. The meat itself is cooked with curry spices and dried fruit giving the dish a bit of a kick.

3.) Bunny Chow

Bunny chow is starting to become a staple of fast food shops around the word, but it originated in South Africa. For those unfamiliar with this funny sounding dish, it is not actually food served to rabbits. It is a hollowed out bread bowl filled with various hot curries. As the dish has grown in international popularity, other countries have put their own spin on bunny chow filling the bread bowl with other items.

Inspiring Ideas from D. Jays Kitchen!

Inspiring Ideas from D. Jays Kitchen!

4.) Melktert

It’s not all about minced meat and spicy foods in South Africa. The country does have a bit of a sweet tooth as well. One of the most popular pastries in the country is Melktert. This baked dessert is often compared with custard or egg tarts but has a consistency all its own. Considered by most to be a milk tart, its light, airy texture makes it the perfect companion for an after dinner coffee or even as a mid-day snack.

5.) Biltong

Arguably the most popular South African food export these days is beef biltong. While it is similar to the beef jerky found in shops throughout Perth, don’t dismiss it as the same thing. Biltong has a unique taste that it gets from the curing process. In addition to this, the meat strips used for Biltong are much thicker than jerky allowing for it to have a higher protein content. This isn’t to say one is better than the other, however. The beef biltong from D Jay’s Gourmet is excellent, but the jerky is great as well. Some people prefer the smoky taste of the jerky while others enjoy the spices of biltong. And a number of people are more than happy eating both.