IMG_4749Rosé may be a year round wine, but I find that it “re-finds” it’s fame especially around the spring and summer seasons. Working in a wine shop in NYC I find these pink wines flying off the shelves by the case come May, and what’s amazing is how it still seems that some customers need a little convincing.

Some of you may say, ” No way! Why do people need to be convinced to drink rosé? What’s to question… it’s bright, refreshing, and delicious!” Some rosés still come with a stigma however, and like many wines, these myths need to be “de-stemmed and crushed” (wine pun totally intended). So for those that still need some convincing, here are five more reasons to drink rosé right now! 

  1. Think Pink- The color pink evokes feelings of sensitivity and love. Red + White= Pink, and this color combines the passion and power of red, softened with the purity, and openness of white. For those afraid of the delicate, fruity, pale rosés, there are many that are deep and rich in color; almost magenta and pink ruby like (most often because of more skin contact with the grape juice). So, when it comes to this color and your feelings…the deeper the pink, the more passion and energy it exhibits! What does this mean? Don’t be afraid to drink your pink a little deeper!
  2. Real Men (and women) Drink Pink Working in a wine shop has it’s advantages because I get to see many types of relationships. Whether you’re the husband, boyfriend, partner, or trying to win their affection (slightly out of the friend zone), if your rosé loving significant other walks into a wine store and heads to the rosé section, with a smile on her face as big as when their favorite Spice Girls song comes on the radio… grab a bottle; you WILL be rewarded for it later (wink! wink!)!
  3. Rosé Has A Savory Side Yes, once again were crushing another myth about rosé! All Rosé IS NOT SWEET, I repeat: All Rosé IS NOT SWEET! Now that that’s squared away, you must know, that while many of these wines are sweet and taste delicate little flowers and delicious rose infused strawberry water, not all of them are that way. Some of my favorite styles of this wine are made with grapes like Grenache, Sangiovese, Tempranillo, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon. These grapes, depending where they are grown and how much skin contact they have had with the grape juice, can produce a powerhouse rosé thats masculine, sexy, and still slightly fruity (not sweet). Some of my favorites are: DMZ Cabernet Rosé from South Africa, Recanati from Israel, and Bodegas Faustino VII Rosado from Rioja, Spain.
  4. Rosé Is Super Pair-able- Whether you’re enjoying chips and guac, hanger steak and eggs, or seafood paella, there is a rosé that will pair with each one of  these dishes and so many more! Like all wine, depending on the grape varietal, style of wine, type of cuisine, and your palate preferences, there is a rosé that will work well with what you’re eating. Some of my favorite pairings include: Grenache Rosé and Huevos Rancheros, Mionetto Gran Rosé and Tuna Tartar, and laying Poolside with a pretty Provence Rosé! 
  5. It’s Trending- For those that seek social media attention, are obsessed with hash tagging your way through life, and love being a part of today’s trends, then rosé is a wine for you. #Rosé #PinkBubbles #YesWayRosé #RoséLover #RoséAllDay and many more are all social media conversations you can be in on. The best part is your best rosé posts WILL be liked, shared, and probably re-posted. So…what do you say, Yes Way Rosé?!

This spring think pink and pick up a bottle of rosé at your local wine store. Also keep an eye out for my top 20 rosés of the season… coming soon. Always remember, every Friday on you will find a rosé focused feature, and please pair responsibly!