Fashion, food, and Ultimat Vodka cocktails took over Rag & Bone in the Meat Packing district this past week. Here, five of New York City’s top mixologists created a personal style inspired cocktail based on the 2014 R&B collection.

IMG_4534            Bobby Hicks wowed us with The Hepcat, a bright and refreshing cocktail with some slight bitterness.

Igor Zukowiec, a mixologist that I have had the pleasure of working with and knowing for quite some time is known for his stylish cocktails and creative flare. His Furisode cocktail was bright, energetic, and absolutely stunning.

“A Furisode is a style of kimono worn by unmarried IMG_4537women. It has long sleeves and comes in bright colors, I wanted this cocktail to represent that”. –Igor Zukowiec

Robert Krueger dared to be a little different and made a Green & Amber cocktail using Laphroaig Scotch, Green Tea, and Ultimat Vodka. Robert

Green & Amber

Green & Amber

explains, “This cocktail brings together East & West in the forms of whiskey from Great Britain and Japanese green tea”.


As for the female mixologists, their cocktails certainly wowed the crowd! Pam Wiznitzer created the Girls Next Door cocktail, which was topped with Lemon Bitters, sprayed on through a stencil; it was gorgeous!


IMG_4524Julie Renee Williams did it a little different and created an elegant, soft, and delicate cocktail, packed with flavor, style, and beauty. Her Sakura cocktail was simple and garnished with a white flower and it was deliciously stunning!


A cocktail is an art form and these mixologists are artists of their craft. There is a reason they are some of the top in NYC, and you can taste it in their cocktails.