Perth is a great down to dine out in. Whatever cravings need to be satisfied, be assured that Perth has all the answers. From steak to swordfish and everything in between, Perth is a culinary powerhouse just waiting to be explored. All budgets are catered for – from people searching for a quick snack before work to those ready to splash the cash on a five-star dining experience.

This guide should be enough to get the taste buds tingling for any food lover wanting to eat out in Perth.



For Meat Lovers

Perth is well known for prime beef, and is one of the best cities in Australia for juicy steaks and ribs. You can barely walk fifty yards in town without smelling the delicious aroma of cooked meats.

Finding a great steak house here is as easy as counting one, two, three. Then the only question is what cut of meat to feast upon?

The best steak in Perth at Tony Roma’s is succulent and it practically melts in the mouth. Loose fitting clothes are probably a good idea when it comes to eating out in these types of places since the portions are extremely generous. Try and leave room for dessert!

For Fish Lovers

Western Australia is teeming with tasty aquatic life and Perth has a rich seafood heritage, so there is plenty for fish lovers to explore in terms of eating out. Local delicacies include Geraldton rock lobster, South West Marron, Mandurah crabs and Barramundi fish from the North West of the province.

Fish and chips are also a staple in Perth, and there are dozens of places around town which serve the freshest fish with the chunkiest chips. Slather on some salt and vinegar and get stuck in!

For Vegetarians and Vegans

Even though Perth is big on meat, there are still ample opportunities for vegetarians and vegans to enjoy a wide variety of eating opportunities, from dairy-and-egg free brownies in one of the student cafes to delicious lentil curry served in Indian restaurants around town. More and more restaurants are expanding their menus to make sure that everyone is catered for.



For Fine Diners

If something a bit more rarefied is in order, then Perth has a host of restaurants offering fine dining. Whether looking for modern Australian cuisine at somewhere like 1907 Restaurant or French cuisine at Petite Mort, there is somewhere for every gourmand to take a seat and have their fill.

For Culinary Globetrotters

Perth is an extremely multicultural city, with people from all corners of the globe settling down in Western Australia. As a result, there is a wealth of food from around the world to feast on without ever having to leave the city. From Vietnamese Pho soup or Lebanese kebabs, culinary globetrotters who want to sample food from every continent will never have to worry about going hungry in Perth.

Hopefully this guide has whetted some appetites so that even more ravenous food lovers descend on Perth to try what the city has to offer.