Manhattan BridgeWhat is an anti-tourist? Well in NYC that can be difficult to depict as newbies (myself being one of them three years ago) move here everyday. However, for those who have lived here and want to explore other areas of New York without having to take the tourist filled, over priced, cheesy tours around the neighborhoods we already bar hop and happy hour in then keep reading.

Brooklyn and Queens are areas that get the best of both reputations. Either you live there and you like it, or you live there because you have to due to expenses, or you live there because all your trendy friends do too. I myself live in the East Village, but due to my love for NY exploration and food/beverage I had to dig a little deeper into these “anti-tourist” tours.

Lower-Right-Group-ToastThe Brooklyn Queens Experience offers coffee, beer, and exploration tours in DUMBO, Brooklyn, Long Island City, Williamsburg, and also provides private tours. What’s different than other tours around NY is that you explore the local spots, meet locals, and your guide is a native of the area making sure you get a really great experience.

Sure, what if you’re from NJ (I’m a Jersey girl born and raised) and you want to take the tour? You can, realistically anyone can take this tour, but you better be interested in the area and not expect/ask to stop or be directed to Times Square to take pictures with the characters, because that won’t happen out in these parts. You will probably see a “character” or two on the streets of DUMBO or LIC, but they also probably live there.

New York CityOne of my favorites is the DUMBO tour, as I don’t get out to the outer borough’s much. This tour has a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge which is a long but exciting walk, and on a sunny not so humid day, it is one of the top things to do in NYC! Grab a coffee, arrive 15 minutes early, and enjoy a tour around a borough you’ve never been to… I promise you’ll like it!

Tickets are reasonable ($65.00) for these 3-4 hour tours, which are a great way to start or end your day. Having some friends visit, and don’t want to bring them to the usual spots? I don’t blame you, I will NOT bring any of my friends/ visitors to tourist hot spots since i’ve moved here: I politely let them know they can visit on their own and walk a snail’s pace without me…i’ll be at the nearest non-tourist bar.  

New Yorker’s it’s summer and for those that stick around this time of year and want in on some fun culture, coffee, and creative experiences, then join BQE Tours. You will find new hangouts you absolutely love!