While visiting Las Vegas in June, I had the opportunity to check out the hottest Gin bar on the strip! Tucked inside the Park MGM is Juniper Cocktail Lounge, which is run by a great team including the Corporate Mixologist, Craig Schoettler.

“Home to the largest collection of gin in Las Vegas, Juniper takes its name from the juniper berries that bring us gin. The menu features a curated cocktail program using house-made juices and syrups alongside an expertly selected spirits menu.”-Parkmgm.com

Craig comes from a Michelin trained culinary background, where he uses his creativity and techniques to build an incredible cocktail menu. I was so impressed, from the decor to the menu, and everything in between at Juniper. The list has over 70 different types of Gin which are all so different and expressive. Craig really puts a lot of thought and passion into the cocktails, where you taste his true artistic abilities.

I started off with the No Judging Cocktail which has Green Chartreuse, Fresh Pineapple, and Fresh Lime. The proportions are perfect, and you’re literally sipping liquid happiness. To make this cocktail even better, they add flaming mint, which is just stunning when presented at the table! Alongside, since I was tasting the best of the best from the menu, I also enjoyed A Little Birdie, made with Sipsmith Gin, Strawberry, Dry Vermouth, and lemon. The glass is what really got me noticing this drink because it’s shaped like a bird. Upon the first sip, I thought this was just the most incredible cocktail. It’s smooth and fruit forward but not overbearingly sweet, which I love.  

What I love about Juniper is that these cocktails are simple and stunning. They’re packed with flavor and fresh ingredients, and in a city like Las Vegas, it’s needed. To keep things fun, Craig also brought out some other fun cocktails including the Maple Old Fashioned, which is perfect for the bourbon drinker who wants some subtle maple sweetness. Another one I also loved that stole my heart was the Carnival! This cotton candy cocktail, I saw coming and immediately thought to myself  “ooh this is going to be sweet”, and boy was I wrong. This cocktail is the perfect balance of sweet, tart, and fruity. I loved every single sip, and watching the cotton candy disappear into the cocktail was so much fun. The best part is, the sugar in the cocktail only comes from the fresh lime, St. Germain, and the cotton candy

Last, but certainly not least there were at least two more to try… because when it’s your first night in Las Vegas it’s totally appropriate to taste six of the top cocktails at Juniper Cocktail Lounge! The Cucumber Cooler was served in a globe-shaped glass, that is filled with the most beautiful edible flowers and fresh ingredients. This cocktail is lively and fun to sip!

I enjoyed Juniper so much, that I went back a few nights later on my trip to try one more cocktail before our dinner at Bavette’s Steakhouse (ate here twice too during my trip). I had the Bubbles cocktail, which was fun and filled with Vodka, lemon, strawberry caviar, and sparkling wine. The strawberry caviar is fun and texturally goes really well with the bubbly in the cocktail. It’s a fun pink drink I think everyone will enjoy!

If you’re looking to visit a cocktail spot that’s serving out of this world awesome cocktails, then head right to Juniper Cocktail Lounge. The atmosphere is relaxed, yet sexy and the service plus the drinks will win you over. It’s the perfect before dinner or after dinner spot when you want to enjoy comfortable couches, light music, and a nice ambiance. Overall this is one of my top favorite spots in Las Vegas and I think it will be yours too!