IMG_5828Casa Herradura, is the last true tequila-producing hacienda on the planet! I recently attended a Casa Herradura event which allowed guests to experience the authentic history and innovation of Casa Herradura, in a unique immersive environment. Private tequila tastings with Tequila Herradura’s Master Taster, Ruben Aceves, tequila cocktails, and even a demonstration on harvesting agave, tequila Herradura really know’s how to throw an educational and fantastic event. 


Master Distiller Ruben Aceves

I was able to get an inside look at Tequila Herradura’s production methods including its natural yeast fermentation process, which is entirely unique in the industry of this spirit. The brand’s strong reputation as an industry innovator, is now boasting one of the only female Master Distillers in the tequila industry: Master Distiller Maria Teresa Lara. She is credited with introducing the first-ever Reposado in 1974 and Extra Añejo tequila in 1995

You may know this bottle by the horseshoe, however did you know, Tequila Herradura is an ultra premium, 100% agave tequila, crafted using only the most mature blue agave? Traditional production methods are used and fermented naturally with wild yeast. The tequila is produced by Casa Herradura, which is one of Mexico’s most historic and renowned tequila producers. The line includes Herradura Añejo, Reposado, Blanco, Selección Suprema, Colección de la Casa, Ultra, and Antiguo. The Añejo and Reposado as well as the Blanco are very popular and can be found at most wine and liquor stores and bars.

Anytime is a good time to drink tequila, and Tequila Herradura is one of those spirits you can simply sip or mix into a cocktail. It’s smooth, bold, and extremely quality driven with tons of character and complexity. Please pair responsibly!