IMG_6282DANZKA Vodka: The Danish Design Vodka from Copenhagen comes in a bottle designed in pure Nordic style. The base for the bottle was inspired by a classic cocktail shaker and the creation ended in a easy to chill, carry, and re-fill aluminum bottle. This sleek Danish design is also well-known as the world’s best “traveling” premium vodka because it’s the one vodka that won´t break while traveling! Additionally the unique material makes it chill much quicker, and is great to bring along to the beach, park, or by the pool.

DANZKA Vodka is made using an advanced production process, which is a combination of Nordic water extracted from the underground that has IMG_6277been demineralized, 100% whole grain, and a six-column continuous distillation process. This produces a smooth and aromatic vodka, that is rich in taste, with hints of citrus.

DANZKA recently held a summer kickoff rooftop party in NYC with some “smoking” cocktails! This vodka is smooth and integrates well into cocktails but also can be enjoyed on it’s own due to the flavor selection. Citrus, Apple, Premium Distilled, Grapefruit, CranRaz, and Currant are all the creative and great tasting flavors of this Danish vodka. One of my favorite cocktails is the Cosmopolitan, and at the summer rooftop party, I got to taste a White Cosmo, which one my heart and will do the same to you (if you enjoy cosmos)!

Clearly Cosmo- Courtesy of DANZKA Vodka

7oz DANZKA CranRaz Vodka

2oz Orange Liqueur

5oz White Cranberry Juice

6oz Simple Syrup

4tbsp Citric Acid

3 1/2oz Water

15 Cranberries

Method: Pour all ingredients into empty DANZKA bottle. Chill. When ready to serve, shake gently and pour into glasses. Garnish with fresh cranberries. Serves 5.

Please pair responsibly!