Photo Via Concejo Bodegas Website

Concejo Bodegas is a terrific winery I had the pleasure of visiting while on my June trip to Valladolid! After speaking to winemakers and tourism professionals at a Castle event, I met with the owner of Concejo for a delicious tour and lunch. Concejo Bodegas owns a Royal Inn, the CONCEJO HOSPEDERIA, which is located in a beautiful townhouse, transformed into a charming hotel, with 14 rooms. The history within the walls is simply stunning, with original fixtures, charm, and modern amenities. It’s everything you want in a historic location with old paintings, original wood, and cement work, but with nice finishing touches such as large tubs, TV, and spa essentials. All the rooms are different, which also makes this place a lot of fun, and the onsite restaurant is one you must dine at! It’s a charming restaurant with fantastic murals, private dining spaces, and was also awarded “four forks”! The restaurant pairs the menu with the wonderful wines from Concejo Bodegas!

The winery is located in the D.O. Cigales, in Castilla Leon, Spain. In the 1980s Antonio Concejo restructured the vineyards with a vision ahead of its time, creating the current estate that covers almost 30 hectares. He was already thinking of making “Vinos de Pago” or single estate wines one day. The terroir has here the largest content of limestone in the Duero valley, producing wines of great quality and personality. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of rosés they produce, which was perfect for the summer weather, but they can also be consumed in fall with root vegetables and turkey, during Thanksgiving due to their texture and mineral-driven notes.

One of my favorite labels from the winery is one that is also imported to the USA (in small quantities). El Burro Loco, 2018 Rosé was one of the first wines we tasted before an incredible five-course lunch. This wine is bright and floral with luscious strawberry, intense raspberry, and nice mineral notes. On the palate, it’s alluring and fruit-forward with a nice finish that is long-lasting. Paired with this wine were some savory small bites including a Profitterol, Foie Gras Truffle, and Cheese Puff. It was a divine way to begin the tasting, with a whirlwind of savory and sweet flavors.

In Spain, they are known for their white asparagus, and in this region, it’s very popular. Because it was a sweltering June day, we enjoyed the white asparagus as a cold soup, which texturally was fun and playful, especially with the second rosé which had some barrel age on it. The Carredueñas Rosado and Carredueñas Rosado Fermentado en Barrica were brought out as a comparison. One is aged in a barrel and the other is not. Both expressions are beautiful, however, with the white asparagus, I think the barrel-aged added some interesting flare and pairing notes to the fruit-forward and bold rosé. We also paired the non-barrel rosé with Sardines in a cherry reduction, which was a playful pairing, to say the least.

After we went to the reds, which are some of my favorite from the trip! Cigales produces great reds, and it’s because of the terroir here. I love the intensity of the wines in this region, and Concejo captures the beauty of Cigales in the bottle effortlessly. We had the Carredueñas Roble and the Concejo Single Estate Wine. Paired was Duck Confit with Confit Tomatoes and an incredible savory sauce. It was a perfect dish for the two bold reds, where the Roble complimented the sweet tomato and roasted flavors… whereas the Single Estate brought really brought out the duck and game flavors in the dish as well as the wine.

After a beautiful lunch, we headed to explore the Bodega! This bodega is not currently in use, because of it’s age and because they need bigger storage but it was so amazing to see the giant old press they used to use back in the day, as well as some old wine jugs, which they used to transport the wine to sell. I learned so much about the region and the food in the area, and for those of you looking for a great Wine Tourism experience, Concejo is the place to book! You will get a great experience here, with beautiful landscapes, views, and incredible food and wine.