IMG_3435So there’s this cuisine hitting the frozen food section and it’s crazy how delicious it is! The mission of Crazy Cuizine is to provide consumers with the Best Tasting, Highest Quality Entrees, Side Dishes, and Appetizers at a great value. With these frozen dishes you receive more meat and less breading, bigger pieces and breast meat chicken.

From Chicken Teriyaki to Orange Chicken, Pot Stickers and even Tikka Masala there is a cuisine for everyone and they make the easiest weeknight meal or party appetizer ever! I loved the Teriyaki Chicken over some Cauliflower Fried Rice. This sweet and salty meal was low in carbohydrates and paired beautifully with my Leitz German Riesling. Riesling and Asian cuisine are a match made in heaven, so this was a very easy pairing to choose.

straightonview_164x233_morangechkn_thumbI also tried the Orange Chicken which I enjoyed over white rice and on it’s own. The Orange Chicken even made it’s way (I used half the box one day and half the next) onto my DIY Bubbly Bar for New Years Eve! This fun chicken paired beautifully with all the bubbles and bubbly cocktails, and was a party favorite.

I am excited to find more of these products as they are available in Brooklyn, the Bronx as well as Jersey City, and more. Find a store near you and try these for yourself, you will not be disappointed!