IMG_2805Recently I was in Hawley, PA at The Lodge at Woodloch. This destination resort and spa is one of a kind and offers a unique blend of well being classes as well as cocktail creations and wine tastings!

Upon arrival, I of course had to dive right into a cocktail class where I met Leslie Britt, the Sommelier at The Lodge at Woodloch. She is warm and welcoming with a lively and IMG_2823upbeat personality that hooks you in instantly. Her passion for the wine and spirits world is undeniable and she will not only teach you how to create a fabulously crafted cocktail, she will also have you hooked on some of the menu favorites! In this cocktail class I learned some fun skills as well as spirits blending and portions. I myself make cocktails at home often, but sometimes don’t think to use my kitchen ingredients the way I should… and here I totally learned a thing or two; and got to enjoy and create my own cocktails!

napa bio picLeslie Britt is a AIWS/DWS as well as a CSW/Sommelier (These are all very highly recognized wine certifications including the Diploma of Wine & Spirits, Certified Specialist of Wine). Leslie began her love of wine in a small unpretentious Oregon vineyard after graduation from NAU in Flagstaff Arizona.  As a West coast girl she never dreamed she would someday have the opportunity to, manage a 9000 bottle cellar on the East Coast, work a Harvest in Italy and move to London to finish her education earning a Diploma in Wine and Spirits with the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (the stepping stone for the Masters of Wine).

IMG_2929Her love of travel has taken her to some of the most exciting and remote places where wine plays an integral part of everyday life.  When asked what the best part of this job is?  “Hearing the stories behind the labels from the folks who lived them”.  And the worst?  “Counting those 9000 bottles”. Her spirit is never broken though even with having to count all those bottles, and thats what instantly made me want to learn more. 

My second day at The Lodge I attended her Old World V.S. New World wine tasting class which was part of the Wine Month here at this resort and spa. We tasted through a selection of wines chosen by the Somm herself, and they were wonderful. A perfect balance between new world and old world wines, with just the right amount of education. Six glasses paired with some cheeses was a great way to enjoy a happier hour and break up the relaxing day at this very tranquil resort. Leslie makes you feel like you are with your best friend in her classes and tastings. She is down to earth and personable so enjoyable to watch, listen to, and speak with.

I highly recommend her cocktail class or wine tasting classes here at The Lodge at Woodloch. Learn a little and drink a lot… and most importantly have fun; you will with her!