Cinco de Mayo is a few days away! Do you have your tequila yet? Brian Matthys, a renowned mixologist from NYC restaurants such as The Gander and Corkbuzz, has created a signature Cinco de Mayo cocktail featuring DELEÓN® Tequila that brings out bright aromas and enhances the tequila spirit to create a taste for this fun and festive night.

For those of you who choose to enjoy a fun Cinco de Mayo cocktail at home, the “Las Flores de Mayo” cocktail is just what you need to have the ultimate Cinco de Mayo party! 

It’s named “Las Flores de Mayo,” which is the star of the recipe. DeLeón Tequila is Un-aged and has a smooth finish. DeLeón Platinum Tequila is around $60.00 and is made from 100% Highland agave.

This cocktail is refreshing yet spirit forward, keeping the agave aromas and flavors from the tequila in the initial sip. The verjus (unfermented grape juice) brings bright acidity and a little sweetness. The Velvet Falernum adds spice and citrus, and the cacao bitters tie everything together.

“Las Flores de Mayo” by: Brian Matthys unnamed-2

2 oz. DeLeón Platinum Tequila

1 oz. Verjus

¼ oz. Velvet Falernum

2 dashes Cacao Bitters

Method: Add all ingredients in a mixing glass and stir well over ice. Strain into a chilled couple and garnish with a thin lime wheel. Cheers!

Thanks so much Brian Matthys, for this great cocktail!