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Bulleit Bourbon is one of my favorite bourbons in the market. They may be owned by a big brand, and I do enjoy focusing on smaller craft distilleries, but I can’t help it; I love Bulleit! They are always staying innovative and now have a limited edition collection of tattooed bottles. These bottles are designed by some of the country’s leading tattoo artists, including Shawn Barber (Los Angeles), Jess Mascetti (NYC), Thomas Hooper (Austin), and Jason Kundell (Portland). 

The Bulleit Bourbon Tattoo Edition is a series of four unique tattoo designs on the iconic Bulleit bottle. This marks the first time the bottle has been changed, transforming Bulleit Bourbon into collectible pieces of tattooed art. I really love this bottle for a gift. Not only can you guarantee aromas and a taste any bourbon drinker would love, but the bottle is one that they will never want to throw away. Tattoos are an expression of one’s self, and I think that the tattoo art on the bottles just expresses the craft and art that is bourbon production. Crafting something smooth, well balanced, and a bourbon that appeals to many palates can be difficult. Bulleit does a great job creating unique expressions and now you will have a beautiful artistic bottle to go with it! 

Some of my favorite ways to enjoy Bulleit Tattoo Edition are:

  1. Bulleit Old Fashioned paired with dark salted caramel chocolate- the caramel picks up the familiar notes in the nose, while the dark chocolate plays well with the spice and fruit notes.
  2. Bulleit Tattoo Edition on the rocks paired with caramel popcorn- This is a fun bourbon and snack pairing when you’re staying in and watching an action flick… My favorite: The Punisher on Netflix!
  3. Maple bourbon bacon- Simply brush bacon with brown sugar, maple syrup, and 1oz Bulleit Bourbon. Bake 20 minutes at 400 degrees. You can reserve some of the bourbon syrup to top the bacon off when it’s done!

For those looking for a unique gift for your bourbon lovers, Bulleit Limited Tattoo Edition is the right choice!