I had the pleasure of meeting Tom Bulleit, Master Distiller and owner of Bulleit Frontier Whiskey. Together we tasted through some incredible Bulleit cocktails as well as the whiskeys neat. The tasting was led by Tom as well as the National Brand Ambassador Ewan Morgan. The pair of them have incredible chemistry when discussing the brand and tasting notes for each whiskey.

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey is the most popular whiskey, with mild spiciness, maple notes, and nutmeg. It’s smooth and dry with a long finish that is great served neat, as well as in smokier cocktails.

Bulleit 10 Year is Tom’s selected reserve, and aged in charred American white oak barrels. It’s full of rich oaky aromas and notes of vanilla and spice. This bourbon is smooth with dried fruit and a long smokey finish.

Bulleit Barrel Strength is 119 proof and has nice strength to it. Tons of vanilla and caramel in the nose followed by cinnamon, spice, and oak. It’s intense but not overbearing and expresses all of the lovely notes you normally enjoy in the Bulleit Frontier Whiskey. It has a bit of a hot finish, but I think thats due to the proof. I would honestly enjoy this with a rich flourless chocolate cake or a nice Davidoff Chefs Edition Cigar, due to Bulleit Barrel Strength’s s complexity and long lasting finish. 

The event was held at American Cut, which paired some tasty Bulleit cocktails with fun appetizers such as Fried Mac and Cheese, Mini Lobster Rolls, and Crab Cakes. Fried foods work well with Bulleit pairing wise due to the fat that mellows the spice and intensity of the spirit.

Bulleit Barrel Strength makes a great addition to your home bar! I highly recommend buying a bottle if you enjoy Bulleit (standard), Bulleit Rye, and Bulleit 10 year.