IMG_7193Bucks County has over 109 wineries! For Pennsylvania, I must say I was surprised myself. My second stop on my Bucks County wine trail tour was Buckingham Valley Vineyards and Winery in Buckingham, PA. This small family-owned and operated winery is dedicated to growing and making the best possible Bucks County wines. The winery was founded in 1966 and is one of PA’s first wineries, and now produces over 200,000 bottles a year, making them the largest winery in PA.

Here you are invited to self tour the winery and cellar, where you will see beautiful barrels and IMG_6884Champagne equipment. Wait, Champagne… in Bucks County? Yes, they are producing some fantastic sparkling wines made in the Champagne style and using actual riddling boards and now machines (to keep up with all the production). They are the only winery right now in Bucks County producing a Champagne style sparkling wine, and they are doing a fantastic job; I was seriously impressed with at least 10 wines I tried, and all of the sparkling I tasted.

Here at Buckingham Valley they make wine from some very different French hybrid varietals such as Chambourcin, DeChaunac, Seyval Blanc, and Chancellor. The Chambourcin was very nice, and would be great with a slight “Beaujolais chill” and some bbq paired alongside. I also fell in love with the Seyval Blanc as well as the Vidal Blanc, which was very floral and peach driven.

IMG_7189After tasting through the reds and whites, I came to some of the fruit wines (sweet wines). The White Sangria was a bright and shiny burst of flavor with tons of stone fruit, sunshine, and apple skins. I really enjoyed this one and because it was so hot over the weekend, this would have made the perfect by the pool sip. Nana’s Apple Pie was another that won my heart because it was like you were actually sipping the best parts of apple pie. The winery produces this in limited quantity as it’s a seasonal item, however due to it’s popularity they try to keep it year round as much as possible. Heat this wine up, or serve it as an Apple Pie Wine Float!

image1-1This time of year is a great time, as Buckingham is experiencing the most beautiful verasion right now; which is when the grapes turn color on the vine! Be sure to also make this winery a must stop and grab yourself a Raspberry Wine Slushie after your $5.00 self-guided tasting, which is a great price for some really great wines.