IMG_5033Craft beer crafted locally is the way to go. Today you see many brew enthusiasts brewing their own craft beer and becoming business owners. Supporting small businesses and loving the local artisan craft beers is what small cities and towns are all about. In the city of Pawtucket located just outside of Providence in Rhode Island, you will find Bucket Brewery.

A little history about the Bucket: The brewery started with two brew guys: Nate and Erik. Both had been home brewing for years, and started brewing together in their back yards. The goal of the first brews was to make enough beer for Nate’s upcoming wedding. Later in the year they kept on brewing and thought about starting their own commercial venture. TJ, a mutual friend of the two brewers noted that he could provide some equipment to allow for some larger brewing projects. Having this greater capacity led them to realize, that as much fun as it might be to try, they simply could not drink all the beer hey produced, and that the beer would have to be shared with the public (sharing is caring after all…). The wheels were officially set in motion to make the jump from hobbyists to professional brewers! To round out the team, the trio turned to some other friends. Drew had joined in on the occasional brewing session, and one of his creations took home a prize at a local brewing competition. Ron brought to the table the business and accounting skills needed to make this a business. Five friends who enjoyed hanging out together had just hit on the magic formula to turn fun into a business

IMG_5041I recently visited Bucket Brewery for a tour and tasting. As an alumni of Johnson & Wales University: Providence, I spent many years in Rhode Island and am happy to see that the best parts of RI are still in tact and that local businesses are thriving. The space itself if quite small, however you don’t need a big place to brew great beer (at least thats what I learned here). I tasted through a flight of Bucket’s best brews such as the Pawtucket Pail Ale, Milk Stout, Park Loop Porter, 33rd Inning Red Rye Lager, and the Pilsner. All were really good, and depending on your palate there’s definitely a beer for you in the mix!

If you want to try Bucket Brewery, take a day trip or weekend getaway to Rhode Island. There’s so much to see and do, and on Saturday’s you can tour Bucket Brewery and taste for yourself.