15970416431_80294be0bb_zSouth America packs a punch in lots of regards – with tourists able to find lots of amazing things to do here. While they get stuck into a bevy of amazing activities, it’s only natural to make the most of one of the continent’s amazing bites to eat.

To help you in finding something to chow down on, here are five of the most fantastic foods in South America and where to find them.

1.      Pisco Sour – Chile and Peru

We’re kicking the list off with a controversial one. Pisco Sour is not only not a “food” as such (it’s a cocktail), but it also splits opinion heavily amongst tourists. Regardless, the dish is universally loved in Chile and neighboring Peru, where it is most commonly served alongside savory dishes. The drink sees Pisco (a type of brandy brewed in the region) mixed with lime, as well as two raw egg whites – we told you it split opinion. The locals can’t get enough of it however, with a national day dedicated to the drink on an annual basis.

 2.      Empanadas – Argentina

Do you like Cornish Pasties? We hope the answer was yes, because if so you’ll absolutely adore these South American offerings. Argentina is where you’ll most prevalently find these deep-fried goods, which often see beef and cheese mixed with stuff like creamy sweetcorn, ricotta cheese and spinach. Empanadas are basic meals – but as you’ve probably already discovered, so often in life it’s the simplest things which are the most satisfying.

5523173250_55e9e06c43_z3.      Arroz Con Pato – Peru

Peru has become best most known for its ceviche, but one dish which continues to go overlooked is this duck and rice dish, which sees vegetables stir fried alongside a mixture of carbs and protein. The meal sees subtle changes across the board dependent on who’s making it, but is ultimately the same standard recipe wherever you are. That said, there is a beer-braised option also available, which sees the duck leg given a somewhat hoppy flavor prior to being served up.

4.      Coxinhas – Brazil

Street-food-lovers probably think of Brazil as something of a Mecca – with the hosts of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Rio Olympics championing the concept of light bites along the street. Coxhinas are one of the simpler, and more delicious, treats available – with these strips of creamy chicken shredded and then deep-fried in batter. You’ll often find them accompanying tomato salsa and are shaped to look like a little cone. Easy to eat and scrumptious; you can easily find yourself going a bit overboard on them during your Brazilian stay.



5.      Arepas – Venezuela and Colombia

Despite the vast size of the continent, the maize flour which goes into producing Arepasflat bread is also used to make tortillas (Mexico) and tamales (Peru). These can be eaten as part of breakfast or lunch, and will see cheese, avocado, bacon, jam or egg pumped in as part of the sandwich (dependent heavily on the time of day when you’re eating it).

The next time you’re in South America, why not give one of these delicious treats a try? You certainly won’t be disappointed if you do.