IMG_3533Smokey Joe’s serves up some of the Best BBQ in the Caribbean! Here you can enjoy pitchers of Sangria for $25.00 and plates and plates of smoked ribs, rice, and seafood!

Just along the very popular strip in Oranjestad, Aruba where all the hotels, bars, clubs, and restaurants lie, is a BBQ place like no other. Here people will wait an hour or more just to taste some of Smokey Joe’s famous ribs. Luckily we book our reservations before even hopping on the plane over there because this place is totally de-lish! 

IMG_3532The combination platters here are exactly what you need. They serve just the right amount including a half rack of Smokey Joe’s ribs, a Half Rack of Grilled Shrimp, Rice, and Black Beans (Coleslaw is the other option). The rice and beans are the best though, so go with those!

The Sangria is the best way to wash this all down as it is cool and refreshing and goes great with the BBQ sauce. If you have room for dessert, certainly they offer up some great options including Fried Oreos and some fun cocktails that are seriously sweet, and a great way to end the meal.

Be sure to check out some of the best BBQ while your in Aruba!