IMG_3556In the heart of Aruba is the Renaissance hotel. This gorgeous, newly updated, and very modern hotel is decked out to the nine with a full service, Wi-Fi included Starbucks, lounge area with pool, shopping stores, and a private island that only hotel guests can access!

Renaissance Island is a quick boat ride that’s so worth going to. On the way to the island, you pass gorgeous cruise ships, shops, and get to see the crystal clear water. The drivers are very nice and make sure you don’t get too wet (as you are in a small speed boat). It is a fun adventure in itself going to the island, but once you’re there, you are instantly taken back by the beauty and tranquility.

The pocket beaches are incredible. Lounge chairs for everyone, smooth white sand, hammocks overlooking the strikingly IMG_3563beautiful blue ocean, and plenty of dining and activities to choose from. Now, for those of you workaholics or social media mavens, there is Wi-Fi on the island too!

So what’s the big deal right? I mean you’re in Aruba, there’s beaches everywhere, so what makes this one so special? Well, there’s a family side and an adult side to the island! Not only can you relax on one of the most gorgeous beaches in Aruba, but you can join other families on one side, and or if you are a couple or a group of age 18+ friends… there’s a pocket beach just for that! The adult side is warm and welcoming, not stuffy or too “romantic”, so it was perfect for myself, and my girl friends who came with.

Now time to hear about the fun, food, and cocktails too! The fun part that the adults get on their side are Flamingo’s! Yes… real, live, pink, Flamingo’s! You can pop a quarter in the machine and feed these cuties right in the water. No lines, no tickets, just happy and hungry pink birds. It’s such an amazing experience because these birds are gentle and loving creatures that aren’t afraid of people!

IMG_3595You can opt for an all-inclusive pass for the island or a day pass, which allows you access to the island and food packages (depending on what you decide to get). Luckily for us, the cocktails were great prices and had plenty of alcohol in them! I’d absolutely recommend the burger, as it was juicy and perfectly cooked.

Top things to take away from this Island Article:

  • Great priced cocktails! For $7.50 I got a strawberry cocktail that had real muddled berries in it, plenty of Sky Vodka, and was cool and refreshing!
  • A great menu full of adult palate pleasing options and kid friendly foods.
  • Flamingo’s… need we say more?!
  • Gorgeous pocket beaches
  • Plenty of sea shell collecting opportunities
  • Wi-Fi
  • And lastly… because we love our booze, great wine prices and options too!