Let’s help to end poaching of the African Elephant!!

South African cream liqueur, Amarula, is in the fight to end poaching of one the world’s most beloved species: the African elephant. While poaching occurs in Africa, it is very much a global issue and is not one to take lightly. Amarula Cream Liqueur recently launched the campaign, “Don’t Let Them Disappear,” and has a long history of giving back to protect African elephants. Their newest initiative kicked off this past September and continues through the end of 2017, where for every bottle of Amarula sold in the U.S., $1 will be donated to the incredible non-profit organization, WildlifeDIRECT. These funds will support their on-the-ground conservation efforts to help save this magnificent species. 

So what makes this one different? The Marula Fruit! There is just one place on earth where the Marula trees grow, and that’s across Africa’s subequatorial plains. This tree also only produces fruit one time of the year, and it’s at the height of the summer. The fruit is the size of small plums but oval in shape. It ripens to a rich yellow, with a tough outer skin surrounding its fibrous, white flesh. The Marula contains four times more vitamin C than the average orange and is a delicious fruit with a citrus tang and a creamy, nutty taste. The smooth, light brown seed inside each Marula fruit protects its oil-rich kernels which are an essential source of nutrition and have anti-oxidant as well as moisturizing properties.

What’s the best way to enjoy Amarula? For starters, I recommend trying it over ice and then moving into more in-depth cocktails. You can mix this with some cold brew for a fun brunch cocktail, or blend it with ice for a fun frozen treat. For more cocktails, HERE are some from the Amarula website to inspire you, and also keep an eye out for my Holiday Cocktail Roundup (coming soon) where I will feature some of my own Amarula cocktail creations and recipes! 

For those of you who enjoy a delicious cream liqueur and want to help donate to WildlifeDIRECT, you can purchase a bottle of Amarula! Not only will you love the smooth creaminess of this product but, it’s versatility in cocktails will wow your friends and family at the holiday parties. It’s a great bottle to give as a gift, knowing you’re also giving back to the African Elephants, and it’s something everyone will love!