I had the pleasure of meeting CEO of Amaro Lucano, Leo Vena in NYC this summer for a really fantastic cocktail and amaro tasting. Amaro is one of those digestive spirits that I enjoy after a meal, and knew it had a place in cocktails, but never really tried making too many with it. After this happy hour, I am sold on Amaro cocktails and will be making sure they have a bigger place in my home and mixology gatherings!

Amaro for those of you who have not tasted it is more Mediterranean in flavor with herbal notes, some bitterness, roundness, and a fresh taste thats unlike any other spirit. This is normally consumed as a digestive, however it’s also a great mixer in cocktails too. It’s great for mixing with tequila, and other spirits because of the secret recipe they use that began in the kitchen. They produce more than Amaro however and luckily I got to try the array of spirits from Lucano!  They make a lot including a Limoncello, Vermouth, and the Anniversario which I got to taste with the team. It was a delicious experience where we began with an Amaro Spritz which was really refreshing and light. This spirit is made from more than 30 herbs and is really complex.

This spritz really hit the spot on a hot NYC day where we enjoyed cocktails and light bites at a Felice 56. You can also enjoy this digestive spirit on ice as it’s own however as a spritz I think its the perfect starter aperitif. After the spritz I decided to try an Espresso Martini which was out of this world! Lucano also makes a Cordial Caffè which is delicious in a cocktail like this, as well as on its own.  It added in a really nice subtle touch to an espresso martini and I will absolutely be trying to make one at home now. Afterwards we sat down for some pasta, Italian dishes, and more cocktails.

We also enjoyed a Limoncello cocktail, which was so bright and lively for a gorgeous summer evening. The Lucano Annicersario Limoncello is absolutely delicious and a must have if you’re a fan of lemons. This spirit is made with sunlight, lemons, and alcohol and is the perfect addition to anything lemon forward in your life.

If you’re seeking some new cocktail additions or are looking for something new to sip as an aperitif or digestive, you should absolutely consider Amaro Lucano and the Anniversario line! Celebrating 120 years of tradition, innovation, and sacred recipes that truly make this brand one of a kind.

Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love. Please pair responsibly!