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The USA is made up of different types of American culture, whether it’s Native American heritage, trendy North Americans or traditionalist Westerners and Southerners. Texas is western when it comes to geographical definitions; however, it’s also a real melting pot that blends America’s history with traditional and modern values. It’s a huge state that’s worth spending your time on.

Real rodeos

Many people will have seen rodeos in films, many of which seem historical with the abundance of horses and cowboy hats. However, rodeos are still alive and well today, and you can even grab a bag of Frito pie to watch. Rodeos can be mini-carnivals in their own right, with plenty of entertainment and food to make an entire evening of it – plus you get to see real-life cowboys and cowgirls.

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Tex-Mex cuisine

While you’re in Texas, it’s mandatory that you try some authentic, local Tex Mex. For example, if you’re based in Dallas, then do some hunting around for the best restaurants to find a salted-rim margarita with Mexican shrimp and guacamole. Basing yourself in Austin means you will also have plenty on offer in terms of Tex Mex and global cuisine, with a thriving cultural scene to enjoy afterward. If it’s not just the burritos you’re after, then planning a travel guide will help you plan any rentals and itinerary plans during your Austin getaway.

Festival atmosphere

In recent years, Texas has become known as the state for new and exciting festivals. There’s everything from ZestFest which invited all foodies to visit their pop-up tents and watch live demos, a comedy festival which showcases some of the newest and exciting and talent and of course music festivals for those who want to enjoy the Texas sunshine with great music and a beer in-hand.

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State Fair of Texas

If you were ever in any doubt that redneck culture existed, then a visit to the State Fair of Texas is where to go for a real slice of western America. This iconic western fair isn’t just about deep-fried butter and all things American; it’s also a huge, fun-filled fun fair in its own right, complete with a Ferris wheel. There are family-friendly entertainment and all-American food that will leave you feeling like a true American patriot.

A road trip

Pick up a map of the United States, and you’ll notice just how big Texas is when compared to its neighboring states. Its sheer size makes it perfect for long, scenic drives in a big American car. You can fly into Texas directly to begin your road trip; after all, there are plenty of cities to visit:

  • Houston
  • Dallas
  • Austin
  • San Antonio
  • El Paso

Believe it or not, the list does go on. This state also has plenty of beaches to travel to and iconic sites of its history, where it struggled to separate from Mexico in the early 1800s.

Texas is such a varied and large state; you’ll struggle to see everything in just one trip, in fact, it’s not an exaggeration to say it’s impossible. Whether you enjoy some Country and Western at a state fair, recline on the beach or spend your days finding the best burrito, the Lone Star State will leave you wanting more.