I had the extreme pleasure of tasting The Glendronach 2007 Single Cask #1901 recently! This cask is exclusively bottled for New York City and is a one of a kind Highland Single Malt Scotch Whiskey. Only 604 bottles were produced and this is the first NYC exclusive ever made by The Glendronach. Matured in 100% PX Casks for 12 years after being distilled in 2007, this single malt is quite incredible and something you will want to get your hands on before it’s all out.

The Glendronach is known for their single casks, as well as even making private casks for clients, restaurants, and more. Their core lineups of casks they use for their Single Malt’s are usually Pedro Ximénez (PX) or Orloroso which impart those beautiful sherry notes into the whiskey. I happen to really enjoy whiskey aged in PX Casks, and think The Glendraonach hit this one out of the park! It’s absolutely gorgeous at 61% abv. What’s beautiful about this is the raisin, spice, and dried fruit notes on the palate, followed by an incredibly smooth finish. You definitely do not feel the heat, from the whiskey even though it’s 61% abv.

The brand had input from experts in the industry, to come up with the #1901 as the cask for New York City. They took 3 casks, and had top industry leaders and trade taste each to see what they thought would be a great Single Cask for an NYC exclusive! Now, you don’t have to live in NYC to get your hands on a bottle, however, this is exclusively bottled and selected for New York City. This Single Malt is the perfect gift for the holidays at $160/bottle and is really special. Since there are only a little over six hundred bottles produced, it’s a great collector’s item.

If you’re seeking something special for yourself or for the Highland Single Malt lover in your life, then I absolutely recommend The Glendronach Single Cask #1901. It’s smooth and fruity, with nice toasted oak and spice flavors; overall it’s s must-have if you love good Scotch Whiskey!

Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love. Please pair responsibly!