Sincette Winery, situated in the enchanting Valtenesi wine region of Italy. This area is a picturesque wine region located in Lombardy, Northern Italy, along the southwestern shores of Lake Garda. This captivating area is renowned for producing high-quality wines that beautifully reflect the unique terroir of the region. Sincette Winery is a true embodiment of the terroir it calls home. Embracing sustainable and organic practices, the estate nurtures indigenous grape varieties! This wine region is primarily known for its production of red wines, and the dominant grape variety here is Groppello. This indigenous grape variety is a key component in many Valtenesi red blends and is responsible for the wines’ distinctive character.

I had the opportunity to meet with Winemaker Andrea who really showcased the beauty and biodiversity in the vineyards. They are a Biodynamic winery which I loved and they really utilize all of the land for the good of the wine as well as grow grains for cereals and more. They have moranic glacier soils here and a mild mediterranean climate which allows for optimal grape growing. Herbs and cover crop cover the new vines and nothing here goes to waste. They believe in healthy plants producing healthier everything and truly are a farm to table winery!

Their philosophy is that vines are similar to the human body… you see your health when you are nourishing your body just like a vine. You study the vine, you find out what it needs to flourish and that’s what they do. After exploring the vineyards we went inside for a wonderful tasting of the wines to really get a sense of Sincette. The Gropello and Chiaretto stole my heart with their wonderful aromas and flavors. A few years back I came to the Garda area and got a full deep dive into Chiaretto and that’s where I fell in love with this wine however it’s harder to get here in the USA because of shipping. Chiaretto is mostly consumed younger and fresher so that’s why it’s more available in Europe vs here in the US. The Gropello however is available here and it’s bright ruby in color and so pair-able! Its a fresh wine with red currant rose petal and softness. On the palate its juicy, dry, lively with delicious red berries and a lingering finish.

We also tasted the Dinamico which is a blend of Gropello and Barbera and Marzemino grapes. Separately hand harvested and then led to spontaneous fermentation, this wine is just out of this world, cool! It’s a rounded wine with lots of complexity and small red berries. It’s soft but dynamic with great acidity and a playful palate.

After the tasting we brought the wines into a gorgeous old world dining room where a lovely chef made us the best simple lunch. We began with bread and some Sincette Olive Oil (sold out) which was absolutely perfect with the terroir driven wines. Then came the most delicious pasta with fresh tomato, olive, and mozzarella and fresh basil; it was divine! For our middle course we enjoyed a nice salad followed by a selection of regional cheeses that were out of this world fantastic!

The region’s dedication to preserving indigenous grape varieties, such as Groppello, and its commitment to sustainable winemaking practices have led to the creation of exceptional wines that capture the essence of the terroir. Among the wineries that stand out in this captivating area, they shine as a beacon of tradition and passion. Embodying the spirit of Valtenesi, Sincette Winery crafts handcrafted wines that embody the soul of the region, leaving a lasting impression on all who taste them. As you explore the Valtenesi wine region and its charming wineries like Sincette, you embark on a remarkable journey of discovery, immersing yourself in the rich heritage and artistry that have made these wines truly special.

Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love. Please pair responsibly!