IMG_5955Shandy has always been a summer favorite when you want to sip something during the day thats lighter in alcohol and refreshing. Traveler Beer Co. offers three delicious Shandy’s that come in flavors such as Grapefruit, Lemon, Aloha (pineapple) and IPA. These beers are 4.4% alcohol and are wonderful on their own, but when mixed into a cocktail… they rock!

It was a warm sunny day in the Garden of David Burke Kitchen where I first tried my Traveler Shandy. Starting off with the Ruby Traveler cocktail made with Deep Eddy Grapefruit Vodka, Traveler Grapefruit Shandy, and a grapefruit slice garnish was a great way to begin a summer Friday lunch. Paired with the Ruby Traveler was a Candied Bacon Clothesline, which was out of this world YUM!

This Summer Friday lunch was hosted by DBK Beverage Director, Jason Galang who, along with Executive Chef Raoul Whitaker paired some great summer dishes with Traveler Shandy. This beautiful outdoor garden bar is one to visit this summer when the day’s are hot and you have some time to enjoy great food, views, and time with friends! Make some memories this summer with Traveler Shandy and please pair responsibly. 



In a shaker glass filled halfway with ice combine 2oz. Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka, .5oz simple syrup, .5oz lime juice & .5oz triple sec

Shake and strain into a pint glass filled with ice

Fill to top with Grapefruit Traveler

Garnish with orange or grapefruit slice