Small batch spirits are by far the most unique, complex, and full of life! You can tell from small batch spirits that the car and craft that goes into them really shines (if they’re made nicely). I recently fell head over heels for two expressions by Pursuit Spirits! Created by the popular podcast, Bourbon Pursuit, their small batch United Bourbon and United Rye are two you will not want to miss out on tasting asap.

They recently released their 2022 batches which feature older components and accompanying batch codes. This was due to feedback from true fans of theirs and I think they rock! I always love when companies listen to their customers, the ones who are true fans of their craft because when it comes to spirits you want to know what you’re getting is crafted and quality driven, and the Pursuit team takes it to a whole other level.

Now that people are way more into whiskey than ever before, they wanted to give their loyal customers an easy to see code to know exactly which batch they were getting. These spirits were recently crowned Best Bourbon and I am so excited I got to taste them recently.

The Blended Straight Bourbon Whiskey was really attractive on the nose, and features a blend of three distilleries from three states. This makes for a really complex bourbon but still approachable and fun. This bottle has fruit and spice, with different mashbills to create something uncommon and delicious. The flavors are so bold and beautiful and I enjoyed pairing this one with some cigars from the Dominican Republic. The bright fruit in this bourbon goes nicely with the leather and black pepper notes in the cigar.

The Pursuit United Rye was a powerhouse! Combining the. best rye’s from Kentucky and Maryland they were able to create this unique rye thats hands down one of the most intense and layered I have ever tasted! It’s rich, mellow, and yet has a lot of spice and power. It’s a really fantastic rye full of spice and complexity. This one went well with one of the cigars from our wedding, where we had a high end cigar roller make a special blend for us.

If you’re seeking some new bourbon’s to sip I absolutely recommend The Pursuit United line, they’re really incredible and pair-able with foods, cigars, and great friends!