Mother’s Day is about a week away, and if you haven’t already, it’s time to think about something special to do with or for her, or buy her something shell absolutely love. I always like to give my mom some wine of course, but then I like to tie it in with some of her hobbies. Here’s a fun roundup of Wines & Finds for your Mother’s Day that mom will love!

White Wines 

Domaine Reine Juliette Picpoul De Pinet- Always a fun spring and summer wine! I love to give the gift of Picpoul because it’s a grape varietal thats lively and full of fruit forward flavors. It’s also a fun one with salads, on its own, by the pool, and with a cheese board. It’s one of those wines I like to entertain with as it always gets questions and rave reviews from my friends. This wine is named after a long road that connected France and Spain and the grapes are grown on a 100 hectare estate in Languedoc, France. If mom likes to travel, take her to this beautiful region (which is on my bucket list) through her glass and give her a delightful fresh wine with salty sea spray, herbs, and citrus notes. $15

Lapostolle Sauvignon Blanc- Oh Chile, how I love your wines! Chilean wines are always a great go-to for moms that love fruit, body, and boldness! This winery is one of the most influential wineries in Chile, producing some incredible single varietals. They create world class wines with French winemaking philosophy. This wine is full of gooseberry, tanginess, guava, and white pepper. It’s crisp, bright, and fresh and ideal for mom for the warm months ahead! $17.99

Gaia Moschofilero MonographA fun Greek wine for the moms who love to travel! The grapes are grown at high altitudes in the hillsides and this wine is intense, acidic, and absolutely beautiful. Aromas of flowers dominate the nose along with the elegance from the high altitude mountainside “rockiness”. This southern Greek wine is from an area called Peloponnese which is a great grape growing destination. $16.99

Tenute Neirano Moscato D’Asti- Moscato is always something I love to give to my mom, it’s honestly her favorite style of wine. Because she’s a Somm’s Mom, she know’s she has to drink good, true moscato. This wine is 100% Muscat from Asti with a softness and clear, sweet flavor. It’s a great wine for dessert but also can easily stand up to spicy foods too if mom wants to “save her sugar” for wine. The territory of Monferrato is a UNESCO World Heritage site and this area has a lot of beauty. Another bucket list destination for myself, I know this is a trip I would want to take my mom on one day, and you should too… but until then, we can travel in our glass! $12

Château de Fontenille Entre-deux-Mers 2021 These vines have floruished since the 13th century, along a route neighboring a Benedictine monastery. The vines have great airflow sitting at 150 meters above sea level between the Garonne and the Dordogne rivers. This wine is light gold in color with freshness and exotic fruit, making it a perfect Bordeaux blanc to gift to mom for the holiday! The nose is enticing with citrus and peach and the palate is extremely refreshing and playful. Grab some sushi, a picnic blanket, and make a perfect afternoon for Mom! $14.99

Sparkling Wine & Finds

Dutcher Crossing Posterity Reserve Blanc de Blancs- A beautiful California bubbly from Dry Creek Valley! Celebrate mom in style with this stunning premium wine. This lively sparkling has nice apple, pineapple, and bread notes with flavors of lemon, guava, and some wet stone, and mineral notes. It’s a gorgeous wine that should be enjoyed and celebrated and is a great pairing with Caviar! If you want to spoil mom this Mother’s Day, this is a great option! $56

J Vineyards & Winery Cuvée 20A Russian River bubbly complete with toasted almond, bright citrus, some cranberry and ginger notes, and a delicious freshness. It’s delicate with flavors of lemon meringue and creaminess thats absolutely addicting. This wine is elegant, playful, and perfect for mom when she wants to unwind with a great glass of bubbles. This winery is a perfect blend of Old World traditions with new world grapes. They harvest the grapes at night and use traditional methods to product their sparkling wines. $38

Filippo Berio Vegan Pesto- Made with their signature extra virgin olive oil, this pesto is the perfect addition to your Mother’s Day gift giving. It’s full of flavor, vegan, and ideal for mom when she doesn’t want to make her own homemade pesto. Even if she loves to cook, no one can resist making their lives a bit easier and healthier with this new plant based alternative.


Filippo Berio Sustainable Olive Oil:  The Sustainable Select line of Olive Oils takes a creative farm-to-table approach, with a completely traceable and sustainable supply chain! Give mom something she can trace back to its roots and something that will amplify her dishes. The Smooth Harmony oil features notes of grass and artichoke, while the Hearty Balance is more aromatic and fruit-forward. Both work, and pair nicely with a bottle of wine and make a great gift!

Qelviq- I am sure you’ve seen my stories and reels using this amazingly handy wine chiller! It’s a gift that is the ultimate luxury item and honestly… needed if you have the space, budget, and need. I have used my Qelviq way more than I thought I would, and it’s such a nice addition to my wine cellar. This machine will take any bottle you have, scan it, and bring it to the perfect serving and sipping temperature! Have you ever thought to yourself, “man, I wish my wine was chilled”? Qelviq makes it simple, stylish, and so easy to do exactly that and know you’re pouring and enjoying it at the proper temperature to get the best from your wine. $495

Le Porters Wine Decanter- Ideal for wine lovers and mom this Mother’s Day! This decanter is designed with the wine drinker in mind and is light, sturdy, and fits a whole bottle of wine. It comes with cleaning beads and a cork topper to keep it clean and your wine fresh. It’s made from lead free crystal and has a slanted pour spout for ease. It’s an ideal gift to give with a bottle of wine! $39.99

Rosé & Red

Chateau Maris “Rosé de Nymphe Émue” A gorgeous wine from Languedoc, France. Pale pink with notes of sunshine, ripe red berries, pops of citrus that’s ideal for spring and summer sipping. This is a wine you will want to grab a few bottles of because it’s not easy to put down! It’s so drinkable and refreshing, and really showcases the best Languedoc has to offer. This wine is also biodynamic made with organic grapes and has beautiful roundness and acidity. $17.99

Dutcher Crossing 2017 Taylor Reserve Cabernet SauvignonMom deserves some red too, and I recommend pairing two or more wines together depending on your budget. This amazing Dry Creek Valley cabernet is ideal for moms who like big, bold, California fruit flavors and a nice finish of spice. Its the perfect balance of fruit and spice with nice cocoa powder and hints of pie crust. The tannins are so smooth and this is a perfect wine to pair with some steak and a good ol’ baked potato. You can also go as easy as Carne Asada or short ribs too! $52

Maison Ventenac Réserve de GeorgesWinemakers Stephanie & Olivier Ramé, a husband and wife team, are the third generation of their family to run the show at Maison Ventenac! Their vineyards are the only area in Languedoc that allow Mediterranean and Atlantic grape varietals to be grown. This offers a unique array of flavors in their wines as well as allows them to be as natural as possible with winemaking. Nice tobacco, red fruit, mocha and vanilla flood the nose and palate followed by a long lingering finish. $12

Catena Alta 2019 Malbec This Malbec blend from various vineyard sites and historic rows within the Catena family Estate vineyards. The blend of these historic rows, brings an elegant, aromatic, and lively wine that’s awesome with many types of cuisines. Aged 18 months in oak, this wine is truly ideal for Mom’s who love their Malbec (which many do) and want one from such an iconic winery. $50.99

Root: 1 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon- A deep chilean cabernet that’s so affordable and delicious you may want to get mom multiple bottles. Bright plum, dark cherry, mocha, and smooth tannins make this wine so attractive on the nose and palate and the ripeness of this wine really makes the finish just dance on your palate. This wine is a steal and easily can compliment tacos, soups, and savory dishes. $10.99

Segno Librandi Cirò Rosso- Three decades of work in the Cirò DOC with four estates spanning across this area of Calabria. Limestone and clay soils give this wine minerality and brightness while this quintessential grape, which is the most important grape in the region brings a lot of tradition, red berries, licorice, and dried flowers to the wine. $11.99

El Enemego Malbec 2019A gorgeous Malbec that’s a classic and mid-priced for Mom this Mother’s Day. This one is rich and concentrated with black cherry, floral notes, and lots of spice to compliment the bigger body. Nice blueberry in the finish makes this wine ideal for sipping on its own as well as with red meats and grilled items. The wine is a tribute to the battles we all face including the wines, vines, and winemaking. This wine is ideal for anyone but if you’re looking to give your mother something as a “meaningful wine” then this wine will showcase all her triumphs and celebrate her the right way! $29.99

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, mother figures, and more out there. Without you, she may need less drinks, but at least if she’s drinking, make sure it’s something good! Always remember, please pair responsibly!