A fresh new dining experience has opened in the West Village. Icelandic Fish and Chips is a seafood bistro that serves Icelandic dishes as well as desserts. Iceland is known for it’s stunning landscapes, quality of life, and fish.

The restaurant is bright and inviting with comfortable seating and a warm ambiance. I sat at the bar so I could, in typical New York fashion, people watch. Here I met the Mixologist Cris, who makes incredible Icelandic inspired cocktails using seasonal ingredients and a Icelandic spirit called Brennivín. First up, a cocktail made with rhubarb and some Stockfish with Butter. The stockfish is essentially dried fish, which reminded me of a “fish jerky”. It is quite delicious and has a lot of flavor.

I started off by tasting a few of the bar snacks they offer here. I always love a great spread and the small bites and bar offerings here at Icelandic are on point. The Nordic Shrimp Salad with Crispbread is a perfect share-able appetizer that’s a family recipe, passed down from the owner’s great grandmother! I also had the pleasure of trying the Smoked Arctic Char with Cucumber Salad and the Cauliflower Dip with Crispbread. The Smoked Arctic Char dish was cool and refreshing with plenty of smoked salmon and playful textures. The Cauliflower Dip was warm and comforting and is something I could eat daily.

Paired alongside my bar bites was a Sura Cocktail made with cucumber, chartreuse, and gin. It was quite refreshing and balanced the bar bites well. Icelandic Fish and Chips is known for their friend fish offerings, so of course I had to take on the Fried Cod and a side of their famous Roasted Potatoes. The cod was juicy, lightly fried, and out of this world delicious! They offer an array of sauces to dip the fish in, and I enjoyed them all. My top sauce choices for the fried cod however would be: Lemon and Dill or Cilantro Lime.

In between my courses I enjoyed more cocktails from Icelandic’s seasonal cocktail menu. The ViDey Cocktail was up third and is made with Brennivín, lemon and dill oil. It’s quite a lovely cocktail and is pretty strong which paired beautifully with the fried fish as well as the Garlic Roasted Langoustines. These imported Icelandic Langoustines are delicious and served with tzatziki Skyronnes.

I was extremely full, however that was not stopping me from tasting a dessert or two. After speaking with the owner of the restaurant, and learning all about the vision behind this lovely dining spot, I knew I had to taste some of the Boozy Ice Pops! Made with the Icelandic spirit Brennivín, and Skyr Cream, these popsicles are creamy, boozy, and perfect for summer. These boozy ice pops come in a variety of flavors such as strawberry, candied ginger, chocolate, and more. I really enjoyed the candied ginger and strawberry, which was a nice way to end my seven course meal!

Icelandic Fish and Chips in the West Village is a great place to visit for date night, gathering with friends, and even groups. All the dishes make great share-able plates, and the offerings are fresh, delicious, and sourced from reputable Icelandic farmers and USA farmers. Ownership takes great pride in knowing where their ingredients and fish come from, and they strive to provide the best Icelandic cuisine for your enjoyment. They certainly won my heart and my stomach, and I am sure they will win yours too!