April 19th we celebrate National Disaronno Day! This well-known iconic brand exudes elegance and class. Disaronno has been the world’s favorite Italian liqueur for centuries with its history beginning in one of the most creative periods in Italian history: the Renaissance. Today, Disaronno has attracted the interest of consumers of all age groups, thanks to its distinctive imprinting and versatility, offering a multi-sensory experience.

I had the pleasure of sipping with the Disaronno team this month in honor of the upcoming national day, and I was so pleasantly surprised by the array of cocktails Disaronno can be in. Not going to lie, I really never knew what to do with my Disaronno bottle on my bar, and would only make Godfather cocktails in my home. It wasn’t until this event where I tasted a Disaronno Spritz as well as some other crafted cocktails that I realized just how versatile it is. 

For those of you seeking another cool cocktail, besides the God Father, which is simply whiskey mixed with Disaronno, and garnished with an orange peel. Here’s one to get you through today… and even the upcoming Kentucky Derby in May!

Disaronno Kentucky Sour- via Disaronno.com

30 ml Disaronno

22,5 ml Bourbon

22,5 ml Fresh lemon juice

7,5 ml Simple syrup

Egg white

Orange slice

Method: Shake ingredients with ice and strain. Garnish with orange zest.