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Napa Valley is one of the most famous wine regions in the USA. It is home to some of California’s best wines, and most expensive! Now that does not mean all wines coming from Napa are going to be wildly expensive, however because the region is more well-known than other areas of California, the prices tend to be a bit higher.

Now that we’re in the season of gift giving and small gatherings, many people are sending wine to their friends, colleagues, and loved ones. Especially since lock down, and companies having to work from home for who knows how long now, wine has become an essential gift to give throughout the holiday season. Many of my gift guides feature wines from all over the world, but every now and then I do like to do a feature on Napa Valley because it’s absolutely an incredible wine region.

I had the pleasure of tasting some delicious wines from this area, that pair nicely with fall flavors. This time of year I am cooking usually with a lot of root vegetables, baking spices, and doing a lot of slow cooking. The days feel shorter as it gets darker earlier, and when we do have chilly weather, nothing is more comforting than coming home to a nice Napa Valley wine and a deliciously cooked meal!

One wine, which is ideal for a weeknight or weekend is 2018 Robert Mondavi Winery Pinot Noir CarnerosThis wine is priced very reasonably, but then again most Mondavi wines are. This wine pairs nicely with Lamb dishes as well as Mushroom Risotto, and if you’re pairing for Thanksgiving, this will easily go with your Turkey! It’s a wonderful wine with bright blackberry and plum notes, followed by some nice cherry undertones. Overall it’s a great gift to bring to the host/hostess, or have available if you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year. $29.99

One wine, that I love to break out around this time of year is this juice 2018 Mount Veeder Winery Cabernet SauvignonThis wine is perfect for a winter evening indoors by a fire, or even for pairing your holiday dinner. Christmas time we usually cook a Prime Rib and this wine would pair beautifully with a delicious cut of meat like that! Alongside be sure to include some roasted rosemary potatoes, and a creamed spinach to complete your meal! This wine is full but elegant, and I recommend decanting it. It has vibrant dark fruit notes with hints of sweet baking spice and nice smooth tannins. The finish is long lasting, and luxurious. This will absolutely be a crowd pleaser whether for a gift or offering at your holiday dinner; everyone will want a sip or two! $44.99

Now if you have special people coming over who really enjoy wine, or you simply want to splurge on yourself and loved ones, the 2018 Double Diamond Cabernet Sauvignon is perfect for the holiday season. Not only does it make a fantastic gift, but it’s also an incredible wine. It’s decadent and full of ripe fruit, structure, and spice notes. It’s not overly complicated, and goes down nice and smooth. Pair this with Lamb as well, or for any non-meat eaters, this would go really nicely too with a Rosemary Parmesan Risotto! This wine however is also great for a collector, and can lay down for a few years, if you can wait. It’s worth the wait, or simply do what I do… use your Coravin, or buy two! $80

Now certainly there are tons of wines from Napa Valley to choose from, but if you’re looking for some fantastic options under $100 and under $50 then these are some really great, high end selections everyone will really love. Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love; please pair responsibly!