The fall menu is on at Plan B Tapas, and we all know what that means right? Yes, Chef Jhonathan has managed to create yet another spectacular menu that not only pairs with more cocktails and wines, but it is one you will not be able to stop dreaming about.

IMG_2084The dishes are incredible, from the Octopus Fritter and Saffron Aioli, that melts in your mouth, to the Shrimp with Romanesco Sauce and Orange Dust, that is so sensually delicious, you will wish it were bottomless! Paired with these, certainly try a fruitier cocktail or something with a little bourbon like the Plaza Vieja cocktail.

Following these delectable dishes came the meatiest Cod IMG_2078Cake I have ever had. Chunks of fresh cod piled high on the plate and topped with photo-48Watermelon Radish and a Mustard Sauce that would compliment a Pinot Grigio or Albarino so very well, but on it’s own, was sinfully delightful. Alongside the cakes were cheesy, creamy, and oh so delicious Brussels Sprouts. This side dish is an absolute must order, as there are simply no words needed to get you to try this side!


IMG_2082Seafood courses came up next, so it was time for some crisp white wine, in which I went with the Picapoll. This aromatic, very crisp wine was beautiful when tasted with the Scallops over Passion Fruit Cream and Morcilla. The combination was sensational, and one that I had trouble putting down to try some more dishes! For those of you who like your Eel smoked, then you must try chefs. He made his own smoker, and smokes the eel so perfectly. The eel is topped with red onion and egg, which adds a nice kick and creaminess to this smoky dish.


IMG_2083The Tuna Ceviche was heaven with a Cider Reduction and Gala Apples. This summer dish screamed fall, and was fantastic with the Picapoll, but also would go great with a lighter beer too.

Now, because this is Plan B Tapas, we had to venture to the Wild Side menu, which as we know from the media interview on the SommStyle YouTube Channel, has changed slightly. Chef let us in on a few of the secrets in the video, and now it was time to finally try them! The Bull Testicles were so different than the first time, but all in all, so much more delicious. They were creamy and tender, and I was in love! Accompanying the testicles were the Wild Boar Sliders topped with Paprika Aioli, and the Venison, which was glazed in a Scorpion Fish Mousse.

The dishes were all perfect, but then again, I would expect nothing less than Chef Jhonathan, who is purely genius when it comes to menu’s, flavors, and pushing peoples comfort zones in the most delicious way possible. The Venison was medium rare, perfectly charred, and out of this world amazing. This was my first time ever trying deer, so I must say, I am now very spoiled having tried such an amazing version my first time.

For those of you who are aware of my obsession with Plan B Tapas, then you must know why I rave about chef so. Ideas simply pop into his head, he creates them, and I can’t stop dreaming about every single dish!

This restaurants has an attractive ambiance, friendly staff, and a wine and cocktail list that will keep you ordering more and more courses! You must visit Plan B if you already haven’t, and if you have, you better be going back, because before you know it, chef’s winter menu will make its appearance!