Winemaking and beekeeping intertwine seamlessly at the Jean-Luc Colombo estate nestled in the heart of Rhône, France. I have tasted these wines for years and they always amaze and impress me. One day I hope to visit the winery, and the area because honestly the winemaking is truly incredible!

The journey of harvesting grapes and honey commenced with the acquisition of their inaugural vineyard plot, and named “Les Ruchets” (The Beehives in French) back in 1987. Through dedicated efforts over the years, the estate has prioritized the well-being of its bee colonies. By investing in education, eliminating harsh pesticides, and fostering the growth of nourishing flora, the bees have fostered a rich and diverse ecosystem, greatly improving the grapes and terroir.

We all know bee’s are important to the environment, and by observing the alarming decline in both local and global bee populations due to environmental challenges and Colony Collapse Disorder, a threat to bees is happening. They play an indispensable role in agriculture and the Colombo family felt compelled to take action. Collaborating with their U.S. importer, Taub Family Selections, they united their dual passions of winemaking and beekeeping to initiate the Bee Helpful Program!


With every purchase of a bottle of Jean-Luc Colombo’s Les Abeilles (French for The Bees) Côtes du Rhône white or red wine, a contribution is directed to the UC Davis Department of Entomology. This donation aids their ongoing research endeavors aimed at revitalizing and preserving healthy honeybee colonies. If you’re seeking a way to enjoy fantastic wines and help out nature a bit, why not give these wines a try?


This wine ROCKS! It’s a lively Clairette and Roussanne, priced at $18.99 per 750ml bottle which is a steal for a wine this delicious. This wine will impress and delight  your senses with vibrant aromas of citrus, green apple, white peach, and pear, seamlessly translating into a harmoniously balanced flavor on the palate. Crafted with care, the Clairette portion is tank-aged while the Roussanne matures in oak barrels aged between two to five years for six months. A lot goes into this wine and you can absolutely tell upon first sip. It’s Versatile and food-friendly,  and this wine elevates dishes featuring fish, poultry, and vegetarian cuisine. Give it a try, especially this spring it’ll leave you immersed in a state of pure bliss!


Indulge in the essence of Les Abeilles, the French term for bees, embodied in this exquisite blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre. Priced at $18.99 for a 750ml bottle, another steal for such an incredible wine, this silky red pays homage to the bees thriving in Colombo’s vineyards. This wine is exciting and ideal for anyone! Immerse yourself in captivating aromas of violets and plums, leading to a palate boasting with dark red fruit and a subtle hint of spice. Versatile and inviting, this wine complements an array of dishes including roasted chicken, lamb, pork, charcuterie, and assorted cheeses – an ideal companion for a delightful spoonful of honey.

Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love. Please pair responsibly!