I would say I balance between drinking wine and spirits. Both I am truly passionate about, especially Whisky! One I recently enjoyed while sitting outside in NYC is the Alfred Giraud Malt Whisky. This was my first time tasting these, and I was wildly impressed.

This exceptional whisky is produced in Cognac, France. As many of you know I am a huge fan of Cognac, so when I heard this I was super interested in tasting the malt whisky. The whisky is developed by renowned master blender Georges Clot, who spent decades at an acclaimed cognac house. Alfred GIRAUD French Malt Whisky is made for those who challenge the ordinary, those who love to explore the whisky world, and the risk takers.

I was excited to try both expressions, including the Heritage and the Harmonie. These expressions showcase the elegance of French whisky and have complex, layered flavors. I have had only one other French Whisky before this, and I always love their elegance. They’re different and great to have available in your collection! The layered flavors and complexity in these whisky’s is only achievable through blending and careful aging.

The production is limited and dependent on the availability of top quality casks that have aged extra old cognac. This imparts the true Cognac “feeling” in a whisky that’s unlike any other one you’ll taste in the market.

I decided to take these outside and pair the Heritage with a beautiful Arturo Fuente Cigar. I love a good cigar and whisky pairing, and find that the Heritage had nice sweet baking spice notes which really complimented the cigar. The heritage is mild, which I like when comes to whisky and cigar pairings, because you don’t want one to over power another. The Harmonie is rich and balanced, which also paired nicely with the cigar, but because of the silky texture and the slight peat notes.

Overall if you’re into whisky, which I know many of you are, you’ll want to try Alfred Giraud whisky’s. They create spirits with the highest level of craftsmanship combined with traditional methods to create a whisky that’s so different, so delicious, and ideal for any occasion.