IMG_0983Alacrán Tequila is smooth and seductive and with these easy to make and oh so addicting Bacon Chips with Guacamole, you’re in for a real treat. I was inspired by a BuzzFeed post a while back and seeing that Alacrán had a new tequila on the market: Cristal I was so down to try this pairing.

The pairing was a classic Margarita made with one of my favorite tequila’s. Because of the smoothness, slight nuttiness and clean taste to the Cristal, I found myself non-stop eating this pairing. So much so I had to snap a picture with a bacon chip literally hanging from my mouth because I could not put them down. Yes… they are simply bacon strips cut into squares, baked until crispy, and so on; but because they are that easy it means you can absolutely try it for yourself asap!

The Alacrán Margarita, being more tequila forward than anything was a perfect pairing. The smooth nutty bite of this crisp and clean tequila combined with the smoky bacon and the smooth sexy guacamole that only ripe avocado’s can give was just all around was a very fun pairing. I used a simple guacamole recipe (below) as I wanted the tequila to be the star! Didn’t expect that one, huh? Of course this tequila has some smoke, white pepper notes, nutty notes, but still is so clean and great on the rocks or straight up. I decided on the Margarita route, not only because it was National Margarita Day at the time, but ever since then I have been drinking this tequila like it’s going out of style.

Tequila I am not going to lie, has helped me keep my waistline in check throughout the summer. Believe what you want about tequila of course as I do myself drink plenty of wine and bourbon (almost too much some days) but during the summer there’s nothing like a fresh squeezed lime margarita especially with Alacrán Cristal Tequila.

Here is this very delicious and sexy weeknight or weekend pairing I dare you to try out before summer’s end. You’ll be the biggest hit with your friends and family if you make this, trust me!

IMG_0979Alacrán Margarita

4oz Alacrán Tequila Cristal

2oz Lime Juice

1oz Organic Agave (optional)

 Method: Muddle the limes, pour in tequila, ice cubes, and lime juice into a shaker. Shake vigiorsly, and add Agave (optional for sweetness). Pour straight into a margarita glass or any glass of your choosing being sure to add the muddled limes into the mix (I’m a sucker for pulp). Enjoy paired with Bacon Chips and Guacamole!

Guacamole: by Chef Sara Lehman

1-2 Ripe AvocadosIMG_0982

8 Cherry Tomatoes

½ Shallot

1tsp Chopped Cilantro

TT Salt & Pepper

Method: Mash avocado’s, slice tomatoes, mince shallot, and chop the cilantro into minced sized pieces. Mix all ingredients together while adding in salt and pepper to taste (TT). Enjoy with your bacon chips and margarita!

Bacon Chips: On a baking sheet lined with parchment, oven heated to 400 degrees, take the bacon strips and cut them into 2 inch squares (they will shrink). Bake for 10 minutes until nice and crispy. Remove and let cool. Dip into Guacamole and sip that margarita!


Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love! Please pair responsibly…

** Where can you find the Alacrán Cristal in NYC? At The Chelsea Wine Vault… one of’s wine retail partners!