Sake is a very cool category in the beverage industry. Ive written about it a few times on the site because I enjoy sake with dinner on occasion. Not just when I have sushi either, I really love to enjoy sake with cheeses and other savory non-traditional dishes.

Akashi-Tai is a handmade small batch production brewery.¬†Kimio Yonezawa and his trusted team of craftsmen in the sake category. They use only the finest ingredients and it shows in their different expressions. I really love Sake all year round, but during the colder months sake is nice to enjoy both sake hot and cold. When I come home from work, maybe I want a sake martini, but towards the evening, it’s great to enjoy warm!

If you’re looking for something new and interesting to pair with your savory dishes that’s not wine, beer, or a cocktail, then sake should be your next go-to. I was able to taste a lineup of three sakes, from the Akashi-Tai Sake brand.

First up was the Tokubetsu Honjozo. This sake is lighter in style, crisp, and dry. You’ll notice some nice lemon and lime on the nose, followed by more citrus flavors. This is a very smooth sake that would pair nicely with Teriyaki Slow Cooked Short Ribs!

Up second was the Tokubetsu Honjozo Genshu. This is fuller bodied sake with wood, rich notes, and and creaminess. It’s still balanced and refreshing with nice citrus notes and a long lingering finish. Overall I really liked this one, and would want to pair it with Mediterranean Sea Bass!

The third sake we tasted was the Junmai Daiginjo Genshu. This one is very special and made using prized Yamadanishiki rice, grown in Hyogo. Once the rice is polished, it is nurtured for two months, until completion. It has nice melon notes, lemon, and some bitter orange. You’ll also notice some grassiness, and a long finish. It’s a great sake to lead you through a meal and after! I would definitely pair this one with a Kale Pesto Gnocchi, or maybe a Parmesan Risotto with Mushrooms.

These are wonderful sake’s you can find here in the USA, and make for great holiday gifts as well as stocking stuffers! Whether you’re new to sake, or an expert, if you are looking for something new to sip with your daily dinners, I would totally give Akashi-Tai Sake a try!

Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love. Please pair responsibly.