4Blocks_Merlot_btl400It’s winter and we all want some comfort food, right? Well, my idea of comfort food while trying to maintain my “holiday healthy bod” is somewhat steakhouse style fare. I decided to make my meal very meat and vegetable driven keeping in one main carbohydrate; mashed potatoes.

I recently sipped Kimmel Wines, the Four Blocks Collection 2013 Merlot. This winery is from family of winemakers and now has a new era on the Ranch making them work even harder to maintain a healthy ecological balance through sustainable farming practices. I love that so many wineries are taking an organic and sustainable approach as it brings things back to the way they used to be; natural and authentic. These wines are simply delicious and perfect for any weeknight, girls night, and meal pairing.


IMG_3584The merlot: This to me instantly screamed Roasted Beef Filet, Mashed Potatoes, Bacon Brussels Sprouts and Maple Glazed Carrots! The merlot if fruit driven and berry forward with notes of cinnamon and anise. On the palate it is dry but fruity and absolutely beautiful with a big medium rare filet. The bacon brings out those savory meat driven notes, while the maple carrots compliment the fruitiness in the wine and the rest, is just delicious.

IMG_3585Wine brings together family and thats what I love about these wines, is that all generations of the Kimmel Family have joined the winemaking venture in one way or another. It’s special when you can share the wine with your family and thats just what I did around Christmas time with my own. My family enjoys fruity but dry wines and thats just what the Kimmel 2013 Merlot brought us; and that’s just what they drank!

On another note, I would also do the Cabernet Sauvignon with this meal, however I would add in some Onion Gratin to the meal to bring out those smokey oaky notes that the cabernet has. Keep an eye out for some fun Chardonnay Pairings from Kimmel 2012 Four Blocks and some healthy and delicious spring pairings this year on Somm In The City.

Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love. Please pair responsibly.